Friday, June 1, 2012

What I want now

Tomorrow's town wide tag sale (an event I've been looking forward to since winter) is going to be completely rained out. It's a shame because not only was I hoping to grab some new furniture projects, but I also have an item on my 'must have' list that I may have been able to find. Oh well, there's always the flea market on Sunday.
Anyway- what I'm really dying to find is an antique or vintage industrial rolling shelf. I know, I know- everybody wants one of these right now. But a girl can dream! I have just the spot in my dining room for one, and I'm just gonna keep my eyes peeled and my ear to the ground until one comes my way. Here are some very drool-worthy examples.
Wonderful heavy dimensions on this one. And so much storage. It'd be great to display neat stacks of magazines

The combination of old wood and steel is stunning here. It just looks a little tippy to me somehow.

This one is perfect and if I saw it out in the wild I'd be willing to put down some serious coin to snag it. The early paint surface is fantastic and the tall narrow shape would be ideal for my dining room.

Mid century modern and so funky and cool.

This one wouldn't fit in my dining room, but I might buy a bigger house just to accommodate it!

Another breathtaking option. I love that this one is all metal. It would look amazing in my house. So tough and interesting. 

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