Thursday, June 7, 2012

Front porch and a dresser before and after

Remember that dresser I showed you a while back "deconstructed rustic"? Though I loved it, it was just too beat up to come upstairs from the workshop. I gave it just a bit of a touch up, but tried to preserve the integrity and personality of the piece. I used a similar mint green paint with a matte surface to give it a chalky feel. I also replaced the drawer pulls. The ones that were on it weren't original and were ugly as sin. I think it turned out pretty cute and is the perfect addition to my summer decor on the sun porch. Before and after pictures of the dresser and pics of the sunporch below. The weather has finally warmed up here in Connecticut and it's feeling a lot more summery up here now!
Before- and it makes me sad that I had to cover the cool old surface, but the piece also needed some structural work to make it functional.

One of my favorite colors- Benjamin Moore's iced mint. I used wooden round drawer pulls because I suspect that's what it had originally.

I got this cute little vintage step stool at a tag sale two weeks ago. Forgot to put up pics of it. I think it probably dates to the 30s. You know I just can't resist old green paint. I think it was $10.

Here's the front porch, though I still want to make a few tweaks. I'd like to find two cool pieces of art to put on either side of the window.

That whale is a favorite of mine. I really splurged on it at the flea market last year- I think $80 or something crazy like that. It's made of old barn board, but probably isn't an antique. I just thought the form and size was sooooo charming.

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