About Me

As a top ten count down because we're all suffering from a chronically short attention span.

10. I'm quite geeky. Offer me a glass of wine and I'll tell you all about my deep and enduring love for Tolkien's work. 

9. I have (currently) one tattoo, and it says 'Antiques'. I'm rather proud of it.

8. I spent the last 3.5 years working for a fantastic antiques dealer, and before that a museum. I really really love history. 

7. I drink slightly too much, but I'm sure it's adorable and endearing.

6. I wear makeup always. I may be covered head to toe in sawdust, but I'll be damned if I don't also have eye liner and lipstick on. 

5. It's pronounced Air and Space, not Hair and Space. And while we're at it, my name is Kate, not Kathy or Katie. 

4. I love animals, except monkeys, which frighten me. 

3. I've been refinishing furniture for over ten years now. I never get sick of it. I'm never bored when I'm in my workshop, and I fall in love with every piece I work on. 

2. My favorite color is chartreuse. This is important.

1. I love what I do. I wake up every morning and think, "Yes!" because for me working on furniture and blogging for a living is a dream come true. It makes me so incredibly happy. 


  1. Hi Kate, We're ready to get rid of a rather large antique hutch that was my mother's. Was going to refinish it but don't have the time, and need the space it's taking up in our garage. It's currently painted white. Do you buy items too?

  2. Do you ship items to California?

  3. Well, what an interesting little bit of a happenstance. This evening, I was searching about for emerald glass canisters in which to store dried herbs for tea, (part of an herbal medicine box that I and a friend are constructing), and just happened to stumble across this gem of a site. Absolutely beautiful work, Kate. And seeing how much it is that you love what you do...it's inspiring. Saving to my favorites.

  4. Louise.t5/14/2017

    Hello. I love your work! I came across your website while searching for the identity of my Ethan Allen rustic farm table fron Beecher Falls VT factory. It is painted dull barn red with a township painted on the tabletop...church and homes and shops. Signed "Rita 1990". The built in leafs pull out to extend the table. I wondered if anyone could help identify it. You would love it if you saw it.