Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rustic Swedish, light and bright

I love a light and bright interior. Rustic Swedish is one of my favorite variations on the theme. Something about the light colored floors, pickled wood surfaces, and restraint makes the spaces so inviting and beautiful. I've been very tempted on several occasions to start over with my decor and go rustic Swedish. In the summer the spaces feel open and welcoming, cool, and not overbearing, in the winter the white interiors make the most of the paltry winter sunshine. I'm just not sure how well the spaces do in the Autumn. I always crave earth tones and warm colors in the fall, and there's not much of that in a Swedish interior. Perfect for the summer though- here are some beautiful rooms to enjoy!
The white floors and walls make a perfect showcase for this gorgeous old cupboard

Tucked up under the eaves, this little bedroom has so much dimension. The dove gray that is carried through the entire room almost makes it feel like you're sleeping in a cloud. 

I love this space. The old green chairs, the industrial light fixtures, the blue green jars on the table. So pretty.

A great use of an antique card catalog. The medium wood tone is picked up in the baskets, antlers, and panels along the stairwell. 

An otherwise casual space is dressed up with a stunning chandelier. The bright artwork ads pops of cheerful color. 

Cheerful and cozy. The use of mismatched textiles give this room a home-y vibe. 

So much drama. Just stunning. I love the scale of the artwork, and how its balanced by the visual weight of the tree growing in the corner. 

This space feels like a tucked away corner in an enchanted castle. Eclectic without being busy/ 

A lovely cottage kitchen, the bright white of the cabinet highlights the aged texture of the walls and floor. 

A gorgeous loft space that combines elements of industrial with the Swedish aesthetic. My favorite part is the stone garden bench used as a coffee table- genius!

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  1. maggie4/12/2013

    lovely photos - thanks for sharing! stone garden bench as a coffee table - yep, brilliant!