Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Custom Square Farm Table

We've all got tricky spaces in our homes. For me, it's my dining room. My dining room is something like 2" x 2" and is not only a room, but also serves as the hallway between the kitchen, family room, stairs, and downstairs bath. It's a bit of a challenge to decorate, so I have an extra soft spot in my heart for folks suffering with a similar plight. I had a client working with a slightly challenging dining space, who needed just the right size table to fit, but also to accommodate six dining chairs. We examined multiple options and in the end decided I should built her a custom square pine farm table.
       I had the perfect set of antique oak table legs that I'd been saving since I scooped them up at Brimfield in May. I painted the table base to match the chairs, a creamy mocha, and stained and sealed the top in English Chestnut. I sanded the finished chalk paint with a 220 grit sandpaper, and sealed it with wax for a satin smooth and ultra durable finish. Now it's all ready for Thanksgiving guests. Not bad for a nine day turn around!

A Mid Century Modern Dining Set

And here's the matching dining set to that adorable sideboard I just shared with you. I picked this set up exactly a week ago today. I loved it so much I got started on it right away. The entire set is teak, and the table top is easily the most beautiful I've ever worked on. I've done well over 500 dining sets, so this is not a superlative I assign lightly. It's flawless and smooth as glass, with a warm rich color, finely figured grain, and fabulous form. The chairs are all sturdy, strong, and handsome. I wanted the set to have a fresh, almost organic feel, so I went with an english chestnut stain, olive green paint, and simple linen upholstery.

Mid Century Modern Sideboard

I'm not sure it can get any more charmingly retro than this vintage Kroehler sideboard. I'd guess it dates to about 1965. Just look at those curvy lines and funky original drawer pulls. I sanded it down and then painted it in a fun olive green. I sanded, stained, and sealed the top, which is absolutely flawless and sooo pretty. There's a matching dining set too.

A Red Dresser with Box Drawers

Isn't this dresser gorgeous. Even in it's original form, I was absolutely in love with it. I painted it a rich bright red with a little undercurrent of pink, then did a couple layers of a deeper Cape Cod red so the brighter tone would peek through with distressing. I'd guess this solid pine chest probably dates to about 1865. All the notched trim is utterly unique and charming. 

Peacock Blue For Sure

I picked up a wonderful antique tall chest a few weeks ago. I'd first spotted it at auction, but got cold feet and balked. Luckily, my furniture guy was there too, and snagged it regardless of my temporary insanity. It's curved framed screams art deco, but the stunning original solid brass hardware has an earthy arts and crafts movement sensibility that dates this piece to right around 1915. All the drawer fronts have chamfered edges, all the original hardware holes have inserted threaded holes, and this thing is built like a tank. This was not a cheap piece of furniture when it was made. In fact, I was so struck by the quality of the brass hardware that I polished every pull and post by hand. This piece was custom refinished for a client who opted for a bold teal called Peacock Blue by Benjamin Moore. I adore the color, and no matter where I put this piece in my workshop, it looked strikingly beautiful with every other painted piece- green, yellow, orange, or red.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Garth's Thanksgiving Americana Auction

It's Garth's 54th annual Americana auction. It's my fourth annual time getting giddy with excitement waiting for the catalog to come out. As with every year, no disappoints, but loads and loads of temptation. You can (and should) check out the entire catalog here. I've gone through it three times now, because I just couldn't get enough, and here are my top picks from the sale. I should also mention, Garth's doesn't solicit or in any way compensate me for my ravenous adoration of their sales... yet. I know they read these posts though so...hey guys, you can send me some bribe antiques, we'll keep it all very hush hush ;-)

A wonderful mid 19th century appliqué quilt

Love this bold folk art textile.

An antique blanket chest in the most to-die-for blue

I'm such a sucker for pretty aqua glass.

Handsome devil, isn't he.

I may need this. I may fight you for this.

Love the grain painting on this antique cupboard.

How can you resist an apple green farm table!

I may need this antique wallpaper hatbox as well. I mean, could it be any more delightfully foppish?!

Love the mustard yellow/crimson combo on this antique chest.

A sweet antique boo with lovely stencil decoration

Lately I've been really digging these antique copper pieces. You could fill an entire pot rack with them!

I love both of these quilts, but the one on top is especially enchanting, with that unique clover motif!