Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Antique Maple Desk Before and After

I picked up this pretty desk at a tag sale in Colchester two weeks ago. It was just perfect. I loved the lines, and I knew the top would turn out so beautiful refinished. Possibly the best part is that the desk is solid maple, all the way through, and even the back is finished and handsome. I painted the entire desk antique white (back included). I really like that the desk can be enjoyed from all sides, I think it greatly increases the options on how to use the piece. I just adore when a office or work room has a desk floating in the center of the floor. My husband sanded the top and then I stained it a very soft cherry, to allow the natural red undertones of the wood to really shine. The drawer pulls were really nice, and had aged to an attractive dark patina. The before and afters are below and the desk is available for purchase. Enjoy!

Yes, that's my reflection in the top- that's how amazingly perfect and shiny it is. 

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  1. Sorry, I don't much about refinishing wood but did you just paint over the wood with the antique white or was it sanded as well? I might be getting a desk very similar and would want to spruce it up using this as inspiration. =)