Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Craigslist Finds (not mine)

I can't own everything, despite my very best efforts. I do, however, love to skim craigslist and pick out things I wish I could own. Sometimes the stuff is too expensive, or too far away, and mostly that I just don't have space in my little cottage. But that's ok, window shopping is fun too. I thought you'd like to come along for the ride and see some craigslist pics of stuff I admire but didn't buy.
lovely pair of mission oak rocking chairs. With new linen seats, these would be amazing.

An antique jelly cupboard in a soft blush shade

Adorable little antique side table. I love how the drawer is off center.

I know these aren't antique or vintage, but they're so cool.

Antique oak slang front desk. I've never seen an oak slant front, they're almost always cherry, maple, or mahogany.

A fantastic antique oak dining table. Crazy legs, so beautiful.

A real deal chart chest. Stunning.

This just looks like it would be a fun project. With a fresh coat of paint it could be so pretty.

I love antique white marble

I've never had a need for an antique mantel, but I always always admire them,

gorgeons antique drafting table.

antique art deco exit sign

another piece that looks like it would be a fun project

oh no, I know it's horrible. Wouldn't it make the best gag gift ever?

I really like this oil painting of this friendly looking gentleman

you gotta love a spool bed. Such a classic form

Beautiful antique chair. The carved back is magnificent

and finally, the funky little outdoor set painted a cheerful pink

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