Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy Flag Day!

I like flag day. There's something so summery and festive about a flag jauntily hung on the wall... and don't get me started on how much I adore bunting. Someday when I have my great big old house, It's going to be bunted to within an inch of its life from flag day to the fourth.
In our upstairs (once it's finished) we're going to have a long hallway that I've been struggling to figure out how to decorate. After looking at these pictures I think, at least in the summer, I'm going to hang a collection of large vintage flags. My little sister scored a really great faded vintage stars and stripes at the flea market a few weeks ago (pictured). I called her this morning and she's promised to send me a picture by the end of the day of the flag now hanging on her apartment wall- so I'll add it when I get it.
Here are some other gorgeous flags integrating into decor. Kinda makes you feel a little patriotic no?
About nine different flag decor options all in one vignette.
 I especially like the flag hanging casually on the antique ladder.

A painted wooden flag is a more durable option than a textile one, and it adds a folk art charm to this kitchen.

Nautical and fresh with a flag hung as a curtain. I bet it looks cute peaking through from the outside too!

Retro charm and I love how the red from the flag plays off the olive upholstery of the couch. 

And I die. LOVE. And for the record, readers, this is just what I want someday - c.1860, white with black shutters,  an open air porch. I may have to steal this house. 

The union jack provides a welcome burst of color in an otherwise neutral space. 

I adore this hallway. This is just how I want my upstairs hallway to look. I just wonder if my cats would try and climb up the flag...

I would also accept this house as my dream home...though it looks like an in-town location, and I can't abide by that. Look at that bunting though. It just makes me smile. 

I've had this image saved in my interiors folder for sometime and I just now noticed that those are framed signal flags on the wall. They're very subtle, really just serve to compliment the portrait. I really like the bed linens here too.
 Flags and ticking go so well together.

A really fine collection of antique and vintage flags framed as art make a striking and attractive display in an entry way. I imagine flags would be quite a fun thing to collect. 

Flags as pillows are a great way to add a little summer flare to your family room-
and that green cupboard behind the couch is stunning. 

This faded and worn union jack looks like it made it through some terrible battle. It adds so much texture and interest to a subdued bedroom wall.

Little sister Erin with her prize flag from the flea market- stay tuned for a picture of it in its new home.

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