Thursday, May 29, 2014

Top Pick's From Garth's Eclectic Auction

It's that time again- when my favorite favorite auction house puts out a new catalog for their upcoming auction. Garth's Eclectic Auction will take place on June 6th, and you can admire all the folky goodness on their website here ! I've picked out some of my top picks from the sale and included pictures below. Go grab a cup of coffee, climb into a comfy chair, and enjoy the fun!

I love how this little cherub looks like he's about to take flight.

Garth's gets it. This typewriter table is so cool- the coolest. With a laptop- in an industrial loft apartment- omg.

I might bid on this antique tavern sign. It's amazing!

A gorgeons antique bench with a wonderful old surface.

The perfect farm table.

A classic pie safe looks perfect in any kitchen- OR put it in a guest room and store blankets in it!

I might also bid on there. Would they not be epically cool on a mantel for Autumn!

I'd use these antique library steps as a side table, and stack a single interesting object on each level.

These antique farm tables are perfect for eat in kitchens. The generous overhanging top of this one makes it great to pull chairs up to.

And now you know where I got the color inspiration for the hutch in my kitchen. This corner cupboard is stunning.

A fabulous and versatile piece, wouldn't this server look cool in an entryway with a beautiful vase of flowers on it!

Such a fun folk-art trade sign. It's double sided too.

I really really want this kitty door stop. Isn't he adorable.

The most elegant pair of over the top candle sticks.

This glazed top cupboard has a wonderful shaped base- and the dentil molding across the top is especially nice.

This- in a bathroom- sooooo pretty.

Hey guys- my 30th birthday is coming up at the end of the summer, I'm just saying ;-)

And again on my Autumn decorating kick- this outstanding antique wildlife painting. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New Acquisitions

Self control was the name of the game on Sunday morning at the flea market. Since I had just purchased that antique hutch on Friday night, I didn't want to go too crazy on Sunday. I only bought things that I could refinish. Here's what I got:

This gorgeous and curvy table base was originally from a sewing machine. It's exactly table height though, and I'm going to turn it into a rustic farm table or desk.

I couldn't resist this adorable little one drawer stand. 

This mid century modern coffee table is going to be such a satisfying project. It's solid teak!

And another coffee table with an adorable pierced apron. Will be very cottage chic with a new barn board top!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A New Antique Hutch

Craigslist is a funny funny thing. One never knows what will turn up at any given time. Sometimes I check it at just the right time to snag the most wonderful and unique antique furniture. On Thursday I spotted this unbelievable antique bead board cupboard, and knew immediately that I had to have it. On Friday after work I drove halfway across the state to pick up this beauty. It was covered in spiderwebs and god knows what else. And it weighs about as much as an elephant. It's all solid pine, mostly tongue and groove bead board. It's clearly home made, which makes it all the more charming. It was in the basement of a house that was built about 1875, and I would guess that's about when it was built, probably by the first owner, and I suspect it had never once seen the light of day until I bought it.
It was original a slate blue/gray, and then at some point someone painted it a bright candy red. That paint surface had seen better days, and you know how I hate the color red. I re-painted it my new favorite color- Benjamin Moore's Roasted Sesame Seed. It's the most pleasant and warm color. I put it in a corner of my kitchen that's been bothering me with its clutter. Now I can't stop looking at it. I love it SO MUCH.
Here's the corner before the new cupboard. I had a hanging cupboard, a table, a chair- it was all too much and no one ever sat at the table. 

Here's the cupboard after we first carried it in, it its ugly red.

And all done!!

And I just had to show you the beautiful blooms my hydrangeas are putting out.

An Elegant French Country Dining Set

I've refinished a lot of dining sets. And looking back on all those different sets, all those different styles, I have definite favorites. This dining set is one of my favorites. In fact, this dining set might be my absolute favorite. It's a vintage set made by the Hickory Company of North Carolina, probably around 1960. The set includes six solid pecan chairs, and the most amazing pecan veneer table. So what makes this one of my favorite sets? Well, it's almost certainly the highest quality dining table set I've ever worked on. The attention to detail is phenomenal. The chairs are all built SO WELL, with turned and curved stretchers. The chair cushions are seriously cushy. The caning on the backs is flawless- and look at those ears on the armchairs. So pretty. And then there's the table- that basket weave inlay veneer on the top is stunning. I love the curve of the cabriole legs, and the scalloping of the apron, which continues through the leaves as well. And finally, all six chairs fit well and look great no matter if you have no leaves in the table, one leaf, or both- Soooo many options! It was such a pleasure to refinish, an honor really. Before and after pictures below!