Thursday, May 31, 2012

A new style for summer

This time of year, as the evenings get muggy and the gardens are in full bloom, I start to crave a change in styles for the decor. Something more summery, something more tropical. The decor in the downstairs has been the same since January, when I did a garden and spring flower theme. It's time for a change.
I have a couple of great original oil paintings of ships, and several good Japanese floats, plus my collection of antique blue/green/aqua bottles, and two very interesting antique wrought iron armillaries. I'm thinking the decor with revolve around these key pieces. Green and aqua jewel tones, on a background of crisp white and hints of mint of green. This all sounds good in my head- we'll see if it works in actuality. I think I'll re-do the decor on Monday, should be able to post pics by Monday evening.
Here are some inspiration pictures :)
I love the blue green color of these glass bowls

I really want to get an old industrial shelf for my dining room so I can display my growing collection of antique mixing bowls

I have two good ship portraits (not as good as this of course) that will really add to the tropical/nautical theme of the decor

I love the combination of the blue green mason jars and the antique wire basket

Ship in a bottle- get it? Very clever.

A really gorgeous antique Japanese float. This one has such a wonderful deep color

The table display really captures the look I'll be going for

This is what I' envisioning with the jewel tones on the white crisp back ground. Very refreshing I think.

I know this is a random photo- but the combination of the antique painted advertisements, the old brick, and the emerald green windows really struck me.

Simply perfection. I just love this space. 

Again from a different view. STUNNING

I think I'm going to need to get some palm fronds to put in my vases. 

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