House Tour

     My home is a 1923 cottage. It was built by Louis and Mabel Maples, and their brass name plate is still affixed to the wall next to the front door.  The house is not large, a little over 1800sq feet. But since it's just my husband, myself, and our two cats, it's the perfect size. I try to update the house tour seasonally, so be sure to stop back from time to time to see the changes!

Winter 2016


Dining Room

Family Room

Front Porch

Second Floor

Firstly, Handsome Mr. Oliver, pretending he's a jungle cat with one of my lemon trees.

Master Bedroom

Guest Room



"Acoustic Jam Room"

The Music Studio

Aaaaaaand this is what summer looks like. 
Funny- do you see that vintage red stool in the yard? That was there so I could stand on it to pick purple lilac blossoms. Just looking at this picture makes my heart ache something fierce. 
Goodness I hate winter. 


  1. Anonymous10/22/2012

    I love your floors!!!!

  2. Anonymous11/07/2012

    You are so talented! I wish I could have you come to my home and brainstorm how to redo my hideous dining room!

    A pleasure to browse your site!

    1. Thank You! That is so kind of you to say :)! I'm sure you're dining room is lovely, but you are welcome to email me photos and I'd be happy to offer some ideas!

  3. Anonymous1/11/2013

    You seem like a sweet person. Love your home and your helpful ideas. You have inspired me to get rid of items and redo what I have.

  4. Your house is beautiful, would you mind sharing the dimensions of your kitchen island. I'm feeling inspired and crafty :-) Thank you!!!

  5. Hi Traci- thanks for your comment! I'll measure the island this evening and let you know!

  6. I just love your "eye." You seriously need to offer some seminars or something explaining what you do and where you do find your pieces.I need some serious decorating help!

  7. If I were you I would never ever sell this house! Love!

  8. You are so talented. Absolutely love your house.

  9. Anonymous2/05/2014

    Absolutely love the bottle display and the colors in general- so gorgeous!

  10. Anonymous7/25/2014

    What a charming, charming home! I could move in and never change a thing and be happy ever after.

  11. Great meeting you today. Please post or send me a few pics when you get the sign and cabinet in your house. Thanks

  12. Anonymous11/14/2014

    can I buy your house as is???

  13. Hi--I just found your blog and took your home tour. You have an amazing sense of style and there is SO much I could comment on. All I can say is wow---your husband is a lucky man to be with a woman who has created such a warm, unique and cozy home.

  14. Hello, just saw the sweet "bar/kitchen island" you're a genius! Well, okay extremely creative. Then I took the tour.....may I move in? If only we hadn't "completed" our decorating. Well there's always the deck. Any suggestions?

  15. Wow. Your home is LOVELY! I really like the way you put different colors together along with paint and wood. Thank you for sharing your home with all of us. You are very inspirational!

  16. absolutely gorgeous

  17. Your home is absolutely gorgeous! Love all your painted pieces!

  18. hi kate . what a great website. love your kitchen colors!! whole house is such a fun happy take on antiques. hope you and hubby are great. best from your old stowaway friend rob f.