Monday, September 29, 2014

One Chair, Four Looks

A few weeks ago I did something I haven't done before- I bought one style of chair in bulk. It happened by chance. I saw a set of four vintage Shelby Williams bentwood bistro chairs on craigslist and decided they would be incredibly chic when painted. When I went to pick up the four, the gentleman told me that he actually had 21, if I was interested in more...the price was right, so I bought them all. It's been fun to see how different paint and upholstery can completely change the feel of a chair. I redid four for our music studio, four for my little sister's new apartment, six to go with a round oak dining table and six to go with an antique rectangular table. Which is your favorite set?

So here's the before 

And all the afters!

The set of four for Erin's new apartment.
In a custom mixed shade of sea foam green with cheeky fairy tale toile upholstery.

A sophisticated set of six in satin black paint with cream upholstery

A modern cottage set of six in cream chalk paint with blue and white ticking seats

And a bold set of four in merlot red, distressed and dark waxed, with striped upholstery for the music studio. 

Buttercream Yellow French Country Dining Set

These days I mostly mix my own colors. I'll get a very specific shade in mind, and if I don't see it in the paint chips from my local store, I'll just do it myself. Such is the case with this buttercream yellow. I love this color, and am currently plotting a way to introduce it into my house. I think it looks smashing on this vintage Kincaid Queen Anne solid oak dining table and chairs. It adds a pleasantly casual air to what might otherwise be a very formal dining set. Keeping with the warm buttery theme, I covered the chair seats in supple cream suede. I'm fairly certain I forgot to take a 'before' shot. But here's the after!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Flea Market Finds and New Acquisitions

Phew! It's been a great weekend of buying and selling! I hit up an awesome tag sale yesterday morning, and found so many amazing things at the flea market today. There's actually a couple pieces I'm getting later today as well including a pair of chairs and an antique chest- AND my furniture pal read my post last night about mustard yellow and brought me a kickin vintage mustard yellow settee that I bought even though it wouldn't fit in my truck.

Unbelievable antique square solid oak dining table.

I'm in love with this antique hutch. I'm going to start on it as soon as I finish this post!

A vintage mineral water bottle. This is the first one I've seen in this delicious shade of lime!

Mini paintings by the insanely talented Susan Williams.

A ceiling medallion for my dining room.

Antique oak pedestal dining table. It's not actually crooked, I just set the top on it that way out when I was unloading it.

I have big big plans for this vintage pine thomasville hutch. BIG PLANS.

And the handsome interior.

An antique bookshelf with glass door. I would totally keep this for myself but I just don't have a spot for it.

Vintage French Provencal bureau and nightstand.

And finally a super cool matched pair of solid pine Thomasville side tables. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Color Crush: Mustard Yellow

First- sorry, it's been days since my last post. No worries though, I've got lots of a new things to show you tomorrow including a couple pieces I picked up at a tag sale today and can't wait to get going on.
      So autumn is undeniably upon us here in Connecticut. The leaves are proving to be especially sensational thus far. The nights are cool and crisp, and every front porch is now dotted with pumpkins. I know I always go on about spring and all it's wonders, but lately I think fall's become my favorite season. Nothing captures that rich warmth of the season like the saturated glow of mustard yellow. It's such a pleasantly spicy color that brightens up any space. Here are some of my favorite interior uses of it currently:

These stairs are so incredible. 

I love the pop of mustard here against all the white and black elements.

A mid 19th century Shaker step stool in a stunning shade of mustard yellow.

This looks like just about the comfiest place to read a book ever.

This is my new desktop background. How pretty!

A totally doable way to try out mustard- with towels and mats in the bathroom.

Oh my goodness this antique cupboard is outstanding!

Nothing like a brightly painted front door to welcome guests into your home!

The combination of aged mustard yellow and chipped white wrought iron is spectacular here.

Proving that mustard is not too rich a shade to go on the walls. Look how sophisticated this space is!

This looks so much like my new antique cupboard!

Boy, If I found a velvet sofa as beautiful as this one, I'd likely need to re-decorate my house around it!

And here I am last night donning my mustard yellow scarf,and yellow and plaid shirt, next to my yellow cupboard and in front of my yellow barstools. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Sweet Vintage Maple Desk

I mixed this rich shade of periwinkle blue over the weekend and was just dying to use it on something. This adorable vintage maple desk was the perfect candidate! I kept the original drawer pulls, but brightened them up to a soft gold. I sanded, stained, and sealed the top- the wood grain reminds me of ripples in running water. And finally painted the whole thing in this lovely blue, and finished it off with a clear wax!