Friday, June 15, 2012

Outdoor Drink Station

In a couple weeks I will have a bunch of friends visiting from all over the country. It's always very casual and fun, but I like to put out a good spread, and to me the drinks are a pretty integral part of a fabulous summer gathering. I picked up a vintage wheeled cart at the flea market last week that I'm working on refinishing. It's going to be our drinks stations for our outdoor entertaining. I'll show you a picture when it's complete, but the 'before' picture is below. Here are some other awesome outdoor drink stations. It's Friday, after all, and I'm ready for a cocktail!
It's probably the pool in the background, but this whole picture just looks soooo refreshing. 

Is there anytime an antique chippy paint farm table doesn't look amazing? I vote no. 

Retro and cheerful, perfect for a red white and blue themed drinks station.

A simple but elegant set up that shows the great table at its best. 

SUCH a clever idea! I see old doors on craigslist all the time. It would be so easy to repurpose one into a table. This one is extra pretty since the door was so fancy to begin with!

The area for the ice is especially useful here, a perfect temporary repurposing of a potting bench.

This one is very similar to mine- though a little sleeker with the god detailing. I really like the freedom of  mobility that the casters allow.

This is a beautiful potting bench. So clever to use the planters to chill the wine. 

And here's my new cart. I got it for $4, which I think is a pretty awesome deal. Its got great big wheels, and a very industrial look. I've painted the two work surfaces a mint green so far, but I haven't really figured out yet what else to do with it, or if I should just leave the rest of it alone!

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