Sunday, June 24, 2012

A vintage leather chair

I have a wonderful leather chair in my family room. I picked it up off the side of the road in West Hartford several years ago. It was in perfect condition except a broken front leg. I tried everything to re-attach the leg, but no luck. The front of the chair now sits on a stack of books on one side, a surprisingly effective and amusing solution. That chair is so amazingly comfortable, and adds a richness and warmth to our room, no matter the season. I love a vintage leather chair in a cottage room. They're comfortable and handsome is a very Hemingway manner. Here's my leather chair, and a bunch of other beauties as well.

I love stone interiors and this little corner with the vintage suitcase-as-coffee table, medicine balls, and tree trunks is a master class in casual yet handsome decor.

In a bright but cozy attic loft. This looks like the perfect place to curl up with a good book :)

The worn floors, supple leather, sheer curtains, and modern lamp all add such texture
and dimension to this eclectic space.

A stunning example with so much character. The low rolled seat back give the chair an almost modern flair which compliments the very modern mirrored armoire well. 

My leather chair. The stack of books as a make-do support is hidden by the coffee table.

Cabin decor gets a very cool and classy upgrade with the elegant victorian architecture.

Well, the set up looks like a pretty serious trip-hazard, but I love the leather chair with the addition of the upholstery fabric. The rich earth tones harmonize so well. 

Soft bleached textures beg for a lighter color of leather. This mustard shade fits the bill, and can we talk about how breathtaking that window is???

British old school chic demands at least one worn leather chair

A gentleman's library is not complete without several cozy leather chairs. This looks like the ideal place to while away a rainy day.

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