Monday, June 11, 2012

Fabulous Coffee Table Set

Last year I got a smashing solid pine coffee table at a tag sale. As my old coffee table (From Bob's Discount Furniture) was in sad sad shape, I decided it was time for an upgrade. I stained the top of the coffee table dark walnut, painted the base white. I love it so much and I get quite a few compliments on it- That's why I was so beyond delighted when I found this incredible coffee table/ side table set two weeks ago. It's all solid pine, in fantastic condition, and I knew just what to do with it- refinish it just like I did with my coffee table! Bright antique white legs, dark walnut top. I have to admit- I like the coffee table from this set better than my own- the top has a much more defined and attractive wood grain- but I wouldn't dare break up the set for my own benefit! I couldn't be more pleased with how the whole set turned out- it's been one of the most satisfying projects I've worked on to date. The best part is that Pottery Barn has a very similar coffee table for sale - for $699?!?!? That's obscene and I don't know how they get away with it. This whole set will be a fraction of that cost, and I guarantee this set is higher quality. I can't wait to find this set a good home.
Before and after pics below. Enjoy!

before- and cute but in need of some pizzazz

look at those tops- some of the finest wood grain I've seen in a long time.
just for giggles- here's my coffee table and side table. Look how similar!

Gonna look incredible in someone's family room!

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