Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Acquisitions!

Yesterday was supposed to be town wide tagsale day...but it was a complete wash out. I mean, it POURED. But I was determined and got up at the crack of dawn anyway just incase anyone decided to go ahead and have their sale indoors, or in their garage. I'm glad I went out in the tempest because I did not actually do too badly. I managed to hit up about five tagsales and I got a nice 18th century bow back windsor (to keep), a wonderful rock maple dresser (to sell), a set of wrenches (for a dime?!), and a cute vintage necklace. I've got pictures of the windsor. The rock maple dresser is still at the Anchor Lodge where I bought it- because I didn't want to bring it home in the back of truck in the rain...and they haven't been open since, so they're kinda holding my dresser hostage.
The flea market today was great. Lots and lots of really wonderful and tempting things. I scored a lovely late 19th century dresser, another pretty vintage necklace, an antique crate, two wrought iron garden sculptures, and a truly fabulous antique three tier garden shelf, and finally a breathtaking antique cupboard. Pictures are below ~ I hope you found great stuff this weekend too!

My new antique cupboard. It's about 5ft tall and 30" wide, only about a foot deep. It's sooooo cute. All the original hardware. The lady that I bought it from fixed it up, so I don't even need to work on it! Remember how I said I wanted an industrial shelf? Well never mind, this is going to go in that spot instead. $30!!!

I love the paneled door :)

This great pair of vintage metal sculptures were $2.50each from my favorite vendor at the flea market. 

I kind of want to put them inside the house because they're so pretty- but I think I'll  end up putting them in my garden, maybe training some morning glories up them.

I think the antique dresser is chestnut. It's in perfect condition. I haven't decided yet what to do with it- Kitchen Island? Keep it a dresser? If you like it, let me know!

Here's my wonderful plant stand. This is definitely going in my house. The guy wanted $20 but I talked him down to $12.

I'm such a sucker for these crates. This one is pretty early and has great graphics. $10

And here's the bow back windsor chair I snagged at a tagsale. The legs are replaced, but the rest of the chair dates to about 1770. Probably Easter Connecticut or Massachusetts. $20

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