Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Acquisitions

Sooo sorry this is so late coming. I spent the entire day working on furniture on Monday. Here are my new treasures from the flea market on Sunday morning. I've got a pretty full inventory (trying to stock up for winter too) and I promised myself I wouldn't buy any more furniture, but then I saw three great pieces of furniture that I couldn't possibly leave behind, so there you have it. The antique chest looks pretty rough now, but will be an awesome kitchen island, it even has a foot rest on the back side, perfect for pulling up a barstool. The dining table has the best feet I have ever seen on an antique oak pedestal, and I can never resist a school house chair, I'm now one away from having a matching set of four. I also got a few nice little pieces for myself. Let me know if there's anything you'd like custom refinished!
Solid chestnut c.1865. It needs a little work, but mostly just cosmetic stuff.

Gorgeous antique solide oak pedestal table

Look at those feet!!!

Another school house chair for the collection. If I can find one more, I'll pair the four with the dining table above.

Pretty little vintage solid pine desk,

Isn't she charming?? $10! I'm going to tuck her away for now and bring her back out for the fall decor (which I'm already thinking about)

I love the remnants of old green and yellow paint still clinging in a few spots.

This little art glass vase is only about six inches tall. I think I'll use it to hold my pencils on my desk. $3

I loooooove this little footstool. I collect antique foot stools. This is my fifth. The green color and the jaunty cutout legs make it so sweet. $6.

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