Monday, June 18, 2012

Decorating with Garden Antiques

This time of year, with the doors and windows flung wide open to invite in the summer breeze, the lines between indoors and outdoors become blurred. You might carry an old farm table outside to use as a serving piece for evening entertaining, or bring in and old weathered urn to use as a planter. Decorating with garden antiques adds a summer freshness to indoor spaces. I'm forever on the hunt for good garden antiques- wire plant stands, wrought iron sculptural pieces, urns, cement sculptures, you name it. There's a pair of antique metal garden chairs at the flea market every week, and I pine for them every time I pass by, but they're quite expensive, so I will have to continue to pine. Here are some gorgeous summer spaces decorated with antique and vintage garden antiques and furniture.
Have a Great Week!
p.s.- I will be posting my flea market finds from yesterday this afternoon. I ran out of time last night.
The patina-ed wrought iron furniture makes this bedroom space feel relaxed and somehow French. I especially adore the tripod table.

One of the best potting benches I've seen in a long while. You just want to reach out and run your fingers across the smooth pine top board. This piece would make a great transition to all seasons. Picture it piled with gourds and pumpkins for Autumn. 

Proving that garden antiques can grace a formal space just as successfully as a casual one. The soft colors and design restraint give this room eclectic elegance. And look at that light fixture. stunning.

GREAT ROOM. Funky and interesting and beautiful all at once. I love that chest and the painting above it. Though each one of these pieces stands alone and is unique- they all speak so well together. 

The same space as the first picture- but just by swapping out some of the accessories and changing the flowers it gets a whole new look. 

Rattan patio furniture gets dressed up and adult with bold striped fabric. The portrait above the mantel keeps the space from being too nautical and predictable. I'm not gonna lie though- I could do without the big blue star. 

A pretty antique urn give some serious oomph to a garden picked arrangement. 

From the rattan dining chairs and wicker side chair to the wrought iron furniture, this space is a harmony of indoor and outdoor elements. The common colors of cream and turquoise unify.

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