Friday, November 15, 2013

I Want a Velvet Sofa

      Our leather couch in the the family room has seen better days. It's the last vestige of Bob's Discount Furniture left in our house. If you're not from New England and don't know what Bob's Discount furniture is, consider yourself lucky. That's actually how I got my start refinishing furniture. When my husband and I first moved in together we filled our first apartment with the junk from Bob's. Even though the price was up there, the dining set, coffee table set, tv stand and side tables had all fallen apart within a couple years. I swore there must be a better way, and that's how I started refinishing high quality vintage furniture- so Thanks, I guess, Bob's.
        Anyway, the last thing we foolishly purchased from Bob's was a "leather" couch. It's ultra comfy, but the "leather" has worn off the seats in multiple places. Have I mentioned this couch is only two years old. Absurd. I've decided I want to go a new direction in the family room now, with lighter brighter stuff. What I really really want is a vintage wood framed velvet couch and matching armchair. Here's some pictures of our current set up, damaged couch and all, and some pictures of seriously lust-worthy velvet couches and armchairs. The only question is - what color??
Veranda always knocks it out of the park. The clean lines of this sofa are so elegant.

A bold olive green like this couch would look awesome in my house. The diamond pin tucking is also cool.
Sweet and simple with a low form and rolled arms, this sofa is incredibly versatile.

I really love the glamour of this antique sofa- and the color is perfect.

A fresh take on a chesterfield sofa- with a blue/gray velvet that makes it fabulously French country.

The rich burgundy brown of these sofas is spectacular. I really leaning towards a color similar to this.

A show stopper with both a great shape and a great color. 

Another olive green sofa blends so perfectly with the nature inspired decor in this effortlessly handsome sitting room.

This is exactly what I want. So perfect.

A sweet little settee looks modern and cozy in a charcoal gray velvet.

This brown velvet chesterfield is spectacular. Absolutely out of this world gorgeous.

An empire sofa in sapphire blue looks amazing in this beautiful room.

I'm definitely leaning towards the brown velvet. I love how these caramel colored pieces look in this nautical space. 

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  1. Anonymous11/16/2013

    Kate, you have soooo much talent, that I'm sure you could find the perfect sofa on Craigslist and reupholster it yourself. In fact I KNOW you can do it. If I can do it you can too.