Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On Sideboards

As many of you know- I have a wee bit of a kitchen island obsession. Well, the same goes for sideboards. Couldn't tell you why, but it's reeeaaally hard for me to walk by a vintage sideboard and not want to buy it and fix it up, and I'm always wanting to turn other things into sideboards. I think they're such an interesting piece of furniture- were definitely out of style as being 'too formal' up until a few years ago- but they're back with a vengeance, though in a more informal playful manner.
I think a sideboard is a great way to express a little creativity in your space- add some color, a little whimsy, even a sense of humor. Let's face it- this piece will mostly be holding trays of cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, so there's no need to make it too dour!
They're also versatile pieces- you can turn a sideboard into a bathroom vanity, a tv console, a kitchen island, a bit of built in storage, and entry console, a potting bench- the possibilities are endless. I thought we could spend a few minutes looking at pretty pictures of sideboards- cause, why not!
I love the blue color here- it really makes the detail of the piece pop. 

A gorgeous example that adds character and warmth to the home. 

This was a c. 1870 solid chestnut sideboard that I did as a custom project for a client last winter. 

The sideboard that was in my dining room. Gonna turn it into a kitchen island I think.

I got this one off craigslist. It was painted six ways from Sunday. I put a nice soft antique yellow on it.
Beautiful details. 

Just finished working on this one. It was a c.1920 sideboard that I added a veneer top to. I love the turned legs. 

This is my current sideboard...need to paint that one drawer pull

This one's currently for sale on craigslist. It started life as an antique solid maple dresser. I painted it a creamy white and added the barn board top. 

Great slate blue color that's complimented by the red tones in the finished top. 

I'm working on a sideboard right now that will look almost identical to this when I'm done. I really like the antique white with the medium colored wood top. 

Charcoal gray is a hard color to get right, and I would be interested to see the space that this sideboard is in now. If it's done right, it could look amazing. 

This is so many shades of blue and green- it's just delicious

A classic design and style- Mission oak adds a little visual weight to an eclectic space. 

LOVE this one. Why not have a little fun right? This is a showstopper. 

and, of course, how could I resist this green one. I love the lower shelf. 


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  2. I was thinking of trying to use a sideboard on a covered patio, but it would have to be weatherproofed. Can you think of any way to make this work?