Thursday, December 27, 2012

Early Spring Flowers

I don't really like all. And I'm always happy to get the holidays over with because it feels like we're that much closer to spring. The Valentine's Day stuff is already out in the grocery store, and pretty soon the Pottery Barn early spring catalog will be out too. One of the best way's to get rid of the post holiday blues is to spruce up the house with a cheerful vase full of Spring flowers. By the beginning of February, I can usually force great big bushels of forsythia from the shrubs out back. Until then, I might buy a couple doze tulips from time to time. Here are some pretty Spring flower arrangements. I hope your holidays have been pleasant so far!
Quince branches in an antique iron stone vase looks so inviting next to the bath.

A casual vintage living room gets a little hint of spring with a pretty vase of yellow tulips

Such a lovely little dining arrangement. The pink tulips look fabulous with the white and gray tablecloth.

A bright yellow bunch of forsythia looks perfect in this retro kitchen.

A formal library gives a nod to Spring with a couple bouquets on a gorgeous white pedestal table.

Love this kitchen. Tulips, forsythia and white marble all looking so clean and bright.

This retro kitchen dining space has a wonderful bunch of orang and red tulips. The pears complement the tulips so nicely, and those chairs are superb. 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Beautiful Amethyst

Ok bear with me on this one. Come February, the days will finally get long enough that it won't be dark when I drive home from work. The sun will just be setting, and for whatever reason, the sunsets in Connecticut in February are consistently fabulous. The sky always turns the most amazing shades of pink and purple, and for me, it feels like the very earliest sign of Spring. I love that color of purple, and this year, I'm going to be bringing little hints of it into the decor for the early spring. I'm also hoping to get a few sweaters and scarves in that color for Christmas (hint hint husband). By May I'll be tired of pastels, but right now, I'm just dying to see all the pretty soft hues of early Spring.
I love this outfit, such a pretty shade of purple!

Amethyst looks soft and inviting in this formal cottage bedroom.

What a gorgeous bathroom with just the slightest hints of amethyst.

This looks like such a comfy chair, and I love the shade of the velvet upholstery.

These amethyst glass tumblers are exquisite!

What an absolutely breathtaking settee in the most delicate shade of purple.

Fun and funky with a vintage travel poster.

I love love love amethyst seltzer bottles. I don't own any yet, but I want one.

the most beautiful springy throw pillow.

A stunning hand dyed scarf is the perfect accessory for cold spring mornings.

A stunning room in shades of light blue and pale amethyst feels like the most relaxing retreat.

A simple vignette made lovely with a pair of purple pillows.

quirky and eccentric, this space is a feast for the eyes!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pale Blue Rooms

For Spring 2013, I think pale chalky blues are going to be very big, or at least they should be. I love how simple and restful chalk blue feels. In my mind the perfect hue of this blue has just a little bit of an amethyst undertone, to keep it from being too icy. It's pretty as a wall color or as an accent color, and nice on sideboards and dressers especially.
Want to up the ante of a pale blue room? Accent with gold or red. Both look lovely with a chalky blue! Here are some pretty pics. What will you be doing in 2013 to freshen up your home?
This sweet little dining set is so spring-y and pleasant. I love the chalk blue color of the industrial lamps.

A beautiful moth is just the perfect shades of chalky blue

These gorgeous mora clocks capture the look and feel of spring.

I love the distressed blue on this antique frame

A comfy bedroom in pale blues looks quite inviting here

An elegant seating area, with two stunning antique chairs upholstered and white and pale blue ticking here.

Want to add some drama to your space? Try painting your doors in an unexpected color, like this periwinkle blue.

I adore this space, it's so perfect and pretty with the blue wood floors, pale blue walls, and gold accents.

clean modern lines look crisp and clean with pale blue walls and modern art here

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What I want now: Sunburst Mirrors

I've admired sunbursts mirrors for a while now, but just recently I've really gotten the itch to buy one. They're so cheerful and fresh looking. I love the old school glamour, very sophisticated. I don't have a spot in mind for one, though I know if I scored a fabulous one I'd find a spot straight away. I love the look of the groups of smaller ones, but I think I want one magnificent mirror. They usually cost a small fortune, so I'll have to keep my eye out for a good bargain.
Here are some of my favorites~

P.S. I'm almost done with two terrific sideboards that I'll be putting the hardware on tonight. It may take me a while to get them photographed though, need to have a dry day to haul them out into the sun!

This stunning mirror is appropriately the focal point of the room. Such a beautiful space.

In an otherwise mute and restrained space, this beautiful mirror injects serious drama.

A gorgeous room with lots of Swedish rustic elegance, made all the more charming by a sweet sunburst mirror. I want one just like this one.

An industrial take on the sunburst mirror here, with a reinterpretation in burnished copper.

A perfect vignette with old wood doors, aged cement urns and a stunning mirror.

A collection of sunburst mirrors look so chic over an upholstered headboard.

I love love this space. I reeeaaaally like the bleached wood floors with the spot blue walls...makes we want to do this palette in our master bedroom, and the mirror is magnificent!

another elegant collection of mirrors in this classic living room here.

These are all gorgeous, but they're also about $300 each, and I would prefer to try and find a real vintage one. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Pair of Cherry Side Tables

My husband spotted these side tables for me. He knew they were just my kind of thing. I love all the detail on the legs, and the patina'd brass feet. The drawer pulls are original and super cute. I'd say the tables are around 60 years old. They're cherry, very well made, and just needed a more modern look. I sanded the tops, stained them with an english chestnut/gunstuck mix, then sealed them. The bases are painted with a crisp white. They're so elegant now. They could work as night stands, on either side of a couch, or you can push them together to make a gorgeous coffee table. Before and After pictures below!