Friday, June 8, 2012

New Acquisitions!

This morning was a very good morning. Just by chance I happened to drive by the Lion's Club tag sale in Hebron. Boy am I glad I stopped. I got a great solid pine vintage dining set, another fabulous set of four antique solid walnut chairs, and a solid oak butcher block pedestal dining table. I also got an awesome mid century modern coffee table that I'm going to refinish and put in our music studio. Everything but the coffee table is available to be refinished custom. Jump on it fast though, the stuff has been moving pretty quickly lately. You can email me at or if you seen anything you want.

I was thinking for this set it would be cool to paint the chairs a swedish white and then sand the top and stain it in an almost natural wood tone. It would look Swedish and Nautical and so cool. I could also do the chairs and table legs in black, the top in a dark rich stain. There's only four chairs shown but there's actually six that come with the set. The other two wouldn't fit in my truck so they're being delivered this afternoon.

Look at those gorgeous turned legs. 

I know it looks a little funky now but you have to see beyond the wear. It's solid oak butcher block and once I'm done with it, it will be beautiful and fresh and modern.

These are solid walnut- I've never seen a set that wasn't veneer before. They probably date to about 1900-1920. I think they'd look great painted with reupholstered seats. I'll sell them with the pedestal table or separate.

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