Wednesday, June 27, 2012

French Rustic Dining Set

I firmly believe that some things happen for a reason. This dining set is a good example. When I found this beautiful solid oak dining table at a tag sale two Sundays ago, someone had already purchased the matching chairs. I don't know what the original chairs looked like, but I firmly believe they could not possibly coordinate better with the table than the set I found the day before. The chairs are solid walnut, c.1900, but in beautiful condition- solid as a rock. The dining table is more recent. I painted the chairs and the table a Bright crisp antique white, and used a sedona red stain on the top of the table, then put six coats of poly on it until it was smooth as a baby's bottom. I recovered the chairs in a rich earth tone canvas cloth to really capture the French rustic look I was going for. Before and after shots are below!
Forgot to take a picture until I had already started working on the table. In this pic I'd already sanded and stained the top, and juuuuust started to paint the legs. And look- you can see how messy my workshop is!

And here are the chairs paired with a different table that I had on hand at the time.

Really pretty lines, and no veneer- They're solid wood, which for an early 20th century Chippendale style chair is pretty surprising. Obviously that horrible green pleather on the seats HAD to go.

Painted and reupholstered and fresh as a daisy!

They're so long and lean they look almost modern. Hard to believe they're about 110 years old. And you'd never know it, they're so sturdy and solid.

And the table all finished.

See how the curve in the legs mimics the curve on the crest rail of the chairs? A match made in heaven.

Solid oak, and it took the stain so well- a really pretty rich color.

Not gonna lie, I'm really pleased with this set. It just makes me smile to look at this picture :)

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