Friday, October 24, 2014

Cause I'm all About the Brass

Finally brass is coming back. I missed it- I can't help myself, I'm a bit magpie and I really like shiny stuff. As opposed to the brass of c.1995, which just oozed cheapness, the new brass has a richer, deeper tone, with significantly more patina and character. It's popping up in kitchen and bathroom fixtures and hardware, light fixtures and lamps, and decorative accessories. I've been on the brass train for a couple of years now (I know, I'm so hip I can barely stand it), and I mostly feature it in vintage brass animal sculptures that I tend to collect (magpie, again).

I want at least nine of these lamps

Such a classically sophisticated pairing of brass and gray in this kitchen.  I think I'll do a piece of furniture in this palette next week! 

This kitchen island is absolutely brilliant. The entire kitchen is the epitome of perfection with the industrial stools, the minimalist yet robust brass and marble island, the vintage pendant lights. I could die. 

Here the brass is in the kitchen again, but a little less in your face. The brass hood is truly lovely. 

Proof that brass does not have to be in stuffy traditional homes only. This flawlessly rustic space has both an antique candlestick and faucet in the most delicious deeply hued brass. 

I want a butler's pantry just like this so much, possibly too much. 

I would love to see all of these gorgeous brass pineapples in order by size on either a mantle or a sideboard- with a rustic wood framed mirror above them. 

One part Edison, one part mid century modern, this little lamp is every inch a masterpiece of restraint and beauty. 

I've have a few ho-hum ceiling fixtures that I'd like to replace. Having now seen this one, I think this is certainly the direction in which I should go! 

This rustic room has a little added sparkle with the addition of the vintage brass planter. 

And finally this effortlessly chic mid century modern space complete with gorgeous brass planters. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Vintage Maple Corner Cupboard

I've always wanted to refinish a corner cupboard, but you don't see a lot of them available in my usual hunting grounds. When I snagged this one at the flea market, I knew instantly that I wanted to paint it red. I decided to go with a pale green on the inside, as I'd used the same color combination on a sideboard a while back and really liked the unexpected pairing. This adorable vintage cupboard is solid rock maple, really nicely built. I sanded it down, painted, and then finished the exterior with a dark wax, and the interior with a clear wax.

A Little More Indigo

I'm really digging indigo blue right now. After painting that antique dresser, I'm itching to do another piece in the same color. Indigo is so sexy, yea? Here are some more lovely indigo designs.

Love this beautiful bedding!

Such an absolutely incredible floor, mesmerizing really.
Adore the subtle cheekiness of this painted indigo runner!

If you look closely, I think those are individual pieces of fabric all stitched together, making this settee both beautiful and fascinatingly textural.

And one more look at my indigo dresser

Such a brilliant idea for high ceilings. Instead of cluttering the wall up with art, keep it simple and streamlined by featuring beautiful textiles.

For just a hint of indigo, why not collect plates and kitchen accessories in the bold hue.

Or go whole hog and paint an entire room. I love the antique chipped gold mirror against this decadent shade.

This couch. Be still my heart!!

Lots of texture, style, and pattern at work in this eclectic bedroom, but it's all unified by the indigo blue on the headboard, quilt, post, doorframe, and in the floral rug. Stunning.

Monday, October 20, 2014

An Antique Indigo Dresser

Can you tell I'm having a ball mixing all these custom colors? So much fun! This deep indigo was inspired by a jacket I saw on twitter, of all things. I wanted something saturated and a little moody, and couldn't have been happier with the result. The antique classical dresser was in excellent condition, so I could fully concentrate on the surfaces and top. I added the pine top, stained an English Chestnut and sealed, and sanded the entire case before painting it with four coats (it took a lot to go from white to deep blue), distressed, and finished with a dark wax. Before and afters below!



Sunday, October 19, 2014

Vanity is a Good Thing

I put on makeup to go outside and paint furniture. By the end of the day I'm covered from head to toe in sawdust, polyurethane, and paint splatters. The makeup is pointless, but eh, I'm a little vain, and that's ok. Have I beaten this play on words to death yet?
       Ok so, I picked up this antique vanity last weekend at the flea market. It's been done for a couple days, but the weather yesterday was just too nuts to take it out for photographs. I sanded the entire piece and then painted it a cheerful yellow, distressed, and finished with a dark paste wax. The drawer pulls are original, as is the beautiful antique mirror glass, and it's even got the original label on the back!

Did not realize until I uploaded these that I was in this shot. I knew my husband was, though. He thinks it's hilarious to jump into my photos. Here he's eating a sandwich....