Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Vintage Pine Dining Set

This was one of those perfect instances when I was able to unite two pieces that did not start life together, but truly were meant to be paired. I picked up this lovely vintage solid pine dining table with four matching chairs at a tagsale a couple weeks ago. The table is readily big enough to accommodate more than the four chairs, so I was searching around to find two more complimentary chairs to add to the set. I happened across this vintage handmade pine bench at the flea market on Sunday and knew it belonged with the set. I sanded the table and bench tops, stained, and sealed them. I painted the table base and chairs in a cheerful red to compliment the rustic farmhouse charm of the form. I didn't snap a 'before' of the table set, but I did get one of the bench.

Bench before

Monday, October 27, 2014

All the Beautiful Colors

There was a time not so long ago when the only furniture that would sell was either white, black, or cream. I still enjoyed refinishing, but oh it was a bit stifling. At the beginning of the summer I started trying more colorful pieces, and found that there was once again a market for them. Huzzah! It's been such a joy to paint all these beautiful pieces of furniture in all the colors I can imagine. Here's a kaleidoscope of my furniture- what's your favorite color? What color would you like to see me do next?

A Cheerful Yellow Kitchen Island

Ah you know how I love to convert hopeless antique dressers into kitchen islands. I rather consider it my specialty. This adorable oak dresser caught my eye because of the superb paneling on the sides and back. I removed the disintegrating shelves, saved the spiffy old pulls, and put nice shelves in their place. I added a pine top with an overhang, and painted the entire thing in a custom mixed creamy yellow.



Eggplant Side Tables

I've had this goooorgeous shade of dark dramatic eggplant paint for a while now, just dying to try it on something. Believe it or not, this the first time I've ever painted something any shade of purple. This is a wonderful pair of antique solid maple side tables, and I thought I little dose of elegant drama was just what the doctor ordered. I sanded, stained, and sealed the tops, which are so pretty. I wish I had a spot for these in my house but alas, try as I might, I can't keep everything!



A Mid Century Modern Credenza

Believe it or not, I found this piece on the side of the road. What's fun about it is that I found it's twin on the side of the road back in the winter and refinished it for our guest house. Clearly the folks had a matched set, and I was just lucky enough to drive by their driveway both times at the right moment. I'm kicking myself because I somehow didn't manage to snap a before shot of the piece. What I do have is a 'before' of the one I did half a year ago, and they were very similar, so just use your imagination!

               I added a new pine top. I really wanted to salvage the original teak top but it was too gouged to sand. I painted the case in a light gray, with the interior in a warm cream. I kept the original drawer pulls because they're so cool and minimalist.  There's lots and lots of storage in this piece; it would be perfect in a living room with a nice flat screen.