Thursday, February 23, 2017

A Petite Hutch in Shades of Green

Today was a happy day, so it's fitting that I finish it off by showing you this happy little hutch. I'd say 98% of the happiness of the day was due to the weather. Spring has sprung in Connecticut, it was almost 60 degrees today, and will be even warmer tomorrow! I spent the entire day working with my workshop doors thrown wide open. It was magnificent.
       I always forget what a damper winter puts on my soul until the first hint of spring drags me back from the brink of utter bitchiness. I am not, and have never been a winter person. It's spring and summer all the way. I'd like fall fair enough if not for the looming presence of winter peeking its bastard hoary head around the corner of October.
       But here we are now, with winter at our backs and so many glorious months of sunshine and flea markets, flowers and gentle dulcet breezes washing through leafy verdant woods. Fall is a season of reds and burnt orange with splashes of mustard and winter is painted in cashmere shades of fallen blue and dead snow. In spring it's all about green. My garden is spiked with hopeful kelly green shoots of daffodil, my lilac bush by the back fence is, impossibly, already speckled with fat lime buds that will be leaves so very soon, and look what I spotted yesterday on my drive to Home Depot- Crocus! One of the earliest and most welcome harbingers of a change in season (as if this balmy weather weren't indication enough). And yes, I know they're not green, but OH that yellow needs to go on a piece of furniture IMMEDIATELY.

So it's with lifted spirits that I share this sweet vintage oak hutch with you, painted in the absolute springiest green ever. I asked the Heir and Space Facebook followers to help me choose a name for the color, and after an incredible four hundred some odd submissions, I picked "Aloe My Love".

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Dumpster Desk Rescue

Believe it or not, I rarely pick furniture out of the dumpster. Certainly I'll brake hard for some lovely, forlorn piece that's been lugged to the side of the road, but as far as I remember, this is one of only two things I've ever rescued for within an actual dumpster, though that might just be because we live out in the country, and there really aren't that many dumpsters to be fishing through to begin with.
        When I saw just the darling bandy foot of this desk peeking out, I knew I needed to take a closer look. I felt sure the poor thing would be DOA- just pieces, perhaps even just the foot, so I was incredibly amazed when, with a bit of persuasive wrenching and a significant amount of colorful swearing, an entire, intact, vintage rock maple desk emerged from the grimy depths of said dumpster. To be sure, the piece needed work. It was chipped and scratched and several of the drawers weren't sliding properly, but at least it had all its feet, and it had all the drawers, it was worth a shot to save.
          I second guessed that decision several times, and ignored the desk for the longest time as it took up precious floor space in my workshop. Finally two days ago I decided to take a swing at it. The drawers were a fairly straightforward repair, and they all slide beautifully now, and the surface was quite easily set aright and prepped for paint. From the start I wanted to paint the four columns gold, so I went with the deepest shade of midnight blue to contrast with them. The brass knobs are salvaged, an insanely good buy I scored at the Bloomfield ReStore for ten cents a piece!
           I'll indulge myself a bit and say I think this sweet little desk looks pretty damn good now, rescued from the jaws of death and destruction, and reformed phoenix like, into as handsome a piece of furniture as any I've ever seen. :-)

Saturday, February 18, 2017

A Vintage Cherry Hutch in Pale Yellow

Somethings that I work on are a nightmare from start to finish. Sometimes that's because they're in poor condition, or have a weird surface that paint just doesn't want to stick to, or there's some little problem that I have to try six different ways to fix. I don't tell you the stuff that makes me nuts and drives me to the martini glass.
        But I will certainly tell you when a piece makes me happy, makes my job a joy, and inspires me. This c.1965 Thomasville cherry china cabinet, and the matching sideboard, which I finished earlier this week were sooooooo pleasant to work on. It's not like they were a walk in the park, both took time and effort, but more just that when I finished them both I felt really damn proud of how they turned out.
        This cabinet is in one of my very favorite colors, "Beignet" by Benjamin Moore. It's actually the color of my guest room walls, though interestingly it reads are decidedly green in there, and it absolutely pale yellow on this hutch. Weird. The color isn't lemon, or sunny, it's a bit more complex and grounded than that. It's the color of white wine, or the inside of a green grape, it's got some fizzy element of ginger, and a hint of warmth and green, like the sun streaming through lush summer treetops. It's an absolutely spectacular color, even better in person than in these pictures.
           It's finally warming up outside- and it supposed to be glorious all this coming week. That means lots and LOTS of new furniture to share with you. I work so fast when the weather's fair.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Bedroom Set in Pale Sage

I'm surprised I managed to get anything else done in the last two weeks, because this modern Broyhill bedroom set swallowed my time almost entirely. The pieces are HUGE, and since it's a very pale shade of green- Benjamin Moore's Victorian Garden, it took many many coats to get perfect coverage.
       But I'd say it was well worth all the handwork. I swapped out the knobs for turned wood ones that are stained to match the tops, which I sanded and re-stained in minwax 'Honey' then sealed until they were smooth as glass. I distressed the cases and sealed them with dark wax. They were custom for a client and are off back to their home later this afternoon.

A Cherry Sideboard in Blue

Looooooooove this sideboard. I really didn't need any more furniture. My workshop is so hilariously crowded, but when I saw this stunner and the matching hutch, I just knew I had to have them. I started on the sideboard about the moment it's sweet curvy feet hit the floor of my workshop.
I refinished the top, which had been badly damaged, and painted the case in a custom mixed shade of blue gray that one of my Heir and Space Facebook followers has named 'Dusty Eucalyptus'.