Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Classic Farmhouse Dining Set

It's been a week since I posted, which is foul, neglectful, and downright inexcusable. I'm so sorry guys. It rained straight for about every minute of last week, which was lovely as we needed it desperately, but put the brakes on my furniture adventures. In all fairness, I have a workshop in which I can work, but it's overcrowded at the moment, and also, damn it's miserable to sit on a cement floor and try to paint in chilly damp weather.

         But today the sun came out, and since I was a trooper and did paint in that clammy weather, I have a fabulous new dining set to share with you. I purchased the vintage solid pine table at the flea market two weeks ago. I got the set of six Queen Anne cherry chairs from a wonderful MCM house in West Hartford. They were built c.1965 by the Blowing Rock Furniture Company.

        I painted the chairs and table base in a matte black, lightly distressed along the edges, and added a new glorious chunky pine top to the farm table. I upholstered the chairs in a gray that leans heavily towards slate, though there is just a hint of green in the fabric in the right light.

         It's all set for a new home and I know one of you needs this for your Thanksgiving Dinner!!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Vintage Tall Dresser in Limelight Hydrangea

I adore this piece, not least because it's in one my favorite colors, a pale green that's just a smidge brighter than sage. It's one of those gorgeous colors you find popping up in Autumn when the leaves start to change. It's also the color my limelight hydrangea turns as it dries on the stem. I picked the piece up at the Glastonbury Goodwill, always a fabulous source for nice vintage furniture, and set to work on it right away. I sanded the top and was delighted to find that it has contrasting wood, fruitwood and mahogany for a dramatic two tone effect that was fully hidden under the old faded surface. I kept the original drawer pulls because they're pretty and the brass had oxidized to a lovely shade of verdigris.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

From Side of the Road to Stunner

First and foremost, we have the BEST mailman. He knows I'm a furniture refinisher and keeps an eye out for pieces on the side of the road during his rounds. Yesterday he tipped me off to an antique dresser free by a house a few streets away. I zipped right over, perhaps a little incredulous, since free stuff is usually pretty junky. Certainly not the case with this gorgeous piece. Admittedly it needed work. At some point it had been poorly refinished, with a thick marine varnish on the top and irregularly spread on the sides and drawer fronts. It took forever to sand, but finally I got down to the flawless walnut of the top. I stained it dark dark to contrast with the rich dove gray I planned to use on the case. Before I could paint it I had to re-glue several of the drawers that had let go and, amusingly, been scotch taped back together. Once I had the piece back on the structural straight and narrow I painted it a custom mixed gray called 'Mourning Dove'. I swapped the mismatched pulls out for octagonal cut glass pulls, and then highlighted some of the great detail work in a creamy white. I distressed the painted surfaces and sealed them with dark wax. Not bad for a 24 hour turn around if I don't say so myself!

Friday, September 25, 2015

A Vintage Solid Oak Dining Set

Another custom project for a client this week, this one a gorgeous vintage butcher block oak pedestal dining table with four matching solid oak Windsor chairs. The client selected a soft antique white for the table base and chairs, and I sanded, stained, and sealed the chair seats and table tops in Minwax English Chestnut and high gloss oil based polyurethane.

A Vintage Cupboard in Buttercream Yellow

I adore this piece. It's so simple and sophisticated with classic Shaker inspired lines and lovely construction. It's solid rock maple throughout, made by the Cushman Furniture Company around 1960. I refinished it custom for a client in a rich dark honey for the top, a buttercream yellow for the exterior and fresh white for the interior.