Monday, September 15, 2014

Flea Market Finds and New Acquisitions

It certainly felt like Autumn yesterday when I got up at the crack of dawn for the flea market. I donned my brand new spicy orange scarf, boots, and a wool blazer because it was so chilly! It was a fantastic market, though, and I picked up lots of fun stuff. Here's what I got at the flea market, and various other places throughout the last week. Happy Monday!!
I bought 21 of these vintage bentwood cafe chairs. They're solid oak and I love their lines

Be still my heart. This antique tiger oak dining table is so fabulous.

Vintage pine bench, vintage sign, pretty antique gilt mirror.

Adorable little pine cupboard

This is a project a pal dropped off. Look at the state of the veneer! Let's see what we can do with it!

This vintage pine sideboard weighs approximately 9 tons.

Groovy vintage handmade pine corner shelf.

Beautiful artwork by Susan Williams. Going to hang this one with other work by her in my upstairs hallway

I'm going to re-do the text on the sign. The form is similar to those made in Connecticut right around 1800. I'm thinking of writing something cheeky, but I haven't decided what yet.

Collection of antique stoneware and one of those funny wire things that you need to make pie crust. Realized last week when I went to make pie that I didn't have one.

Huge antique round mirror.

A whole group of sun flower art by the insanely talented Susan Williams

A marines cape by Susan Williams

Close up of the big antique gilt mirror. This is going to my little sister as I'm helping her to furnish her new place.
Yay Erin!

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Cottage for Fall

Brrrr! It's cool and crisp out this morning! Perfect Autumn weather to show you the updates I've made around the house to welcome Fall! This is just a highlights tour, because I took a ton of pictures, so if you want the full shebang, head over to the house tour tab!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Cottage Pine Dresser in Dreamy Sage

I bought this antique pine dresser at a tag sale on Friday and wanted to start on it right away. I also knew I needed to keep it all for myself. I love the big turned knobs, the spool turned details up the front, and the curvy apron. I sanded the whole thing down added a top, painted it a custom mixed mossy green, liberally distressed and finished with a dark wax. It's in the guest room now, looking gorgeous.



A Butcher Block Kitchen Island

I picked this beautiful solid pine sideboard up on Friday. By absolute serendipity, I came from the flea market on Sunday with the most amazing slab of solid maple butcher block that just happened to fit the sideboard perfectly.
      I added a paneled solid pine backboard to the island, so it can be used from all four sides, swapped out the hardware, painted it a soft toffee cream color finished with a dark wax, and added the butcher block. The block is vintage but didn't appear to have ever been used- not a single scratch on it. I sanded it down to give it a nice fresh start and then cured it with butcher block conditioner (which is a mix of food safe mineral oil and beeswax).