Wednesday, July 23, 2014

French Linen Drinks Cabinet

This little antique cabinet didn't look like much at all when I got it. It was an ugly yellow with even uglier flowers on it. The inside was the same yellow with a strange piece of plastic framed on the inside (which I think was a low budget alternative to a mirror?).

I started working on this piece as soon as it arrived in my driveway on Sunday. It oozed potential from every inch- that scalloped apron, those splayed French feet, the roped molding along the lid, the original hardware. I love this piece. I painted it a French linen color, which took a multi-step layering process to get just the right color and texture. I painted the inside in a cheeky blue called sea spray. And finally, a little surprise for the inside, I painted the framed portion on the lid into a fully functional chalk board. This is literally the most perfect drinks cabinet. I want it for my own house, but it's bound for a new destination. Before and afters below!

An Antique Blue Dresser

This adorable antique oak dresser has great lines, and really great original drawer pulls. I sanded, stained, and sealed the top- to give it a bit more color and umph. I painted the chest a custom mixed color that I've named hazy summer sky. A distressed it a tad and finished it with a clear past wax. Before and afters below!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Redecorating the Front Porch

A few weeks ago I gave my kitchen a little face lift- swapped out the island, added a big hutch, changed out the decorative accessories. Well that got me itching to do a little bit more decorating, and the front porch was firmly in my sights. It all started with swapping out the vintage duncan phyfe settee for something velvet. I tried a gold settee first, but the color was just too bright, so I sold that one and bought a goooorgeous emerald green antique one. I used that piece as the inspiration starting point for the rest of the re-do. So here's a couple pics of what the porch looked like, and then a bunch of pictures of what it looks like as of this morning.

Now as soon as we have some spare $$ we're must MUST replace that horrid industrial carpet with some nice pine floors.



Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Sideboard

I picked this piece up a couple weeks ago along with a matching dining set. To be honest, the dining set was fairly disappointing and I rather regret buying it, but the sideboard was really quite nice. It's actually the base to a china hutch, but I knew it could be so much more.
      So this is a pretty dramatic transformation. First, I filled in and sanded out that silly floral carving that was doing the piece no favors. Next I added the pine top, with trim. I sanded and painted the case in a custom chalk paint with Behr's Crisp Ginger Ale (one of my new favorite colors). I very lightly sanded the corners and then finished with a wet wax technique that's subtle but gives it just a touch of extra patina and a nice velvety finish. I painted the inside in a lovely creamy white that compliments the greeny-yellow perfectly. It was a wrench to let it go because I really wanted to keep it for myself, but I just have no spot for it. 

Jusstt a little sneak peek for some big news I'll be sharing with you in the next couple days. Stay tuned, it's exciting. 

A Blue Federal Sideboard

It's always pleasant to work on a very fine piece of furniture. This Federal mahogany and mahogany veneer sideboard is what we call 'second period'. Some refer to this as 'Colonial Revival' but as this piece of furniture is Federal in style (i.e. after the forming of the United States) it's not Colonial at all. It probably dates to c.1910-1935 and what makes it quite special the the attention to detail of the form. From the bail brass drawer pulls to the dramatic serpentine swell of the front, it's a very very close copy to those made by Thomas Howard of Providence Rhode Island c.1790-1815.

I sanded, stained, and sealed the mahogany top, and painted the case in a custom mixed chalk paint with Behr's Sea Spray as a base. After the paint I distressed and applied a dark wax finish. I kept the original hardware because it's stunning. Before and afters below!