Monday, July 28, 2014

New Shop Opening!

Here's the big announcement you've been patiently awaiting. I'm pleased to announce that my furniture will be featured in a gorgeous home decor store, Mercantile, which will be opening on Friday. Mercantile is located right in the hustle bustle center of Essex, CT in a lovely antique building. Here are some sneak peek pictures!

Pretty row of stores, Mercantile is at the end.

Nautical and natural window display

Who knew that little antique bench I picked up at the flea market could look so high style!

My yellow table and shutters in the other window

My coat rack and juuuust the edge of the blue Federal sideboard

Just finished this dining table Saturday, I'll be finishing the matching chairs this week.

We're calling this the "kitchen" section at the moment.

I really want that two colored box on the top shelf.

We've still got some art to hang, but everything is coming together nicely!

Flea Market Finds and New Acquisitions

It had been three weeks since I'd last gone to the flea market, and I skipped Brimfield because I just had too much to do at home. Needless to say I was seriously in need of a fix by yesterday morning. Though the weather was fine enough, there was a significant threat of storms within a few hours, so the vendor turn out was rather low. I still managed to snag several things that I'm very excited about.

I spotted this c.1870 antique cottage pine chest of drawers and fell in love immediately. The gold grain painting on the sides is original, though some damn fool tried, poorly, to strip it from the drawer fronts and top. Regardless, it's a gorgeous piece with dramatic scrolled apron, original pulls, and handsome proportions. I also bought two really sweet pieces of stone wear from the same vendor. I then bought a nice c. 1910 oak tall chest with cut glass drawer pulls. Here's a naughty secret-  I'm 99% certain I'm keeping both these pieces for myself. Sorry guys, but sometimes I like to keep this stuff!
Finally I got a pretty oil landscape with all the best Autumn colors. I bought it straight from the artist for $5. I felt bad as I think it's worth far more than that, but she seemed pleased so- I guess that's good!

A Tale of Two Tables

So both these sweet antique tables were originally in my house, and therefore both were painted spring green (I truly love green). I recently re-did the front porch and found that I no longer had a home for either piece. As I understand that the world does not share my lusty obsession with all things green, I decided to re-paint both pieces, one in a light butter cream, the other in a deeper yellow that I rather love a lot A LOT. I also put pine tops on both. So, without further ado, here they are!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Top Picks: Northeast Auction Americana Sale

Northeast Auctions has a great sale coming up the first weekend in August. There were lots and lots of marvelous things in the catalog to spark inspiration ...and drool over. You can view the entire catalog here . I spent a couple delightful hours combing through it, and have picked out my favorite objects to share with you.
I've decided I really want to start collecting earthenware pottery.
The deep green glaze on this piece of stoneware is so stunning. 

All the storage you could ever want, in the most spectacular rustic form. I'd put these both in the same kitchen, the small one on a counter, the big one against the wall. 

Just imagine this beautiful wide mouth bottle spilling over with freshly picked tulips. 

These amethyst hurricanes are so subtle yet glamorous that they have a very modern feel. You could put them on a mantel and do a whole jewel toned theme. 

Breathtaking painted furniture like this settee was produced in several shops in downtown Portsmouth at the very start of the 19th century. 

This portrait of a little boy in green by folk artist Joseph Whiting Stock is incredibly charming. Stock is best known for his whimsical portraits of children, often posed on the colorful ingrain carpets that were popular in the first quarter of the 19th century. 

These are amazing. AMAZING. I want these. WANT THEM!!!

The apple green color of this blanket chest is show stopping. I'm picturing it bedecked with a mound of colorful gourds and pumpkins for fall. 

This is why I love antiques. Look at those  hands pointing at the spirits bottle  and glasses on this antique game board. I mean really, that's hilarious. 

A moody impressionist painting that reminds me so much a this little lake we used to visit in North Central CT.

This group of 20th century art pottery is practically glowing in warm hues of green.
The large vase on the left is my favorite.

Ah, you know I'm such a sucker for antique trade signs. Lately I've been thinking of just collecting the black with gold lettering ones, so my collection can feel cohesive.
This is a very fine example, late 19th century, with very nice lettering.

I've been wishing for a few of these lovely hanging lamps for quite sometime. My indoor porch has very high ceilings, and I think a cluster of them would be so dramatic. 

The perfect sign for anyone ever with a summer home by the shore.

A wonderful trompe l'oeil fire board in the form of a fireplace. A fire board is also on my wish list.

Another cheeky trade sign with funky lettering. 

I bet this will be my mom's favorite thing in the sale. It's a schoolgirl  watercolor on silk scene of a lover's tryst. She's looking demure and dainty and he looks wicked chuffed. 

And finally this fabulous antique cupboard. I find one of the best places to get inspiration for new furniture colors is  these tremendous 19th century folk pieces. This cupboard is such a wonderful shade of mustard. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

French Linen Drinks Cabinet

This little antique cabinet didn't look like much at all when I got it. It was an ugly yellow with even uglier flowers on it. The inside was the same yellow with a strange piece of plastic framed on the inside (which I think was a low budget alternative to a mirror?).

I started working on this piece as soon as it arrived in my driveway on Sunday. It oozed potential from every inch- that scalloped apron, those splayed French feet, the roped molding along the lid, the original hardware. I love this piece. I painted it a French linen color, which took a multi-step layering process to get just the right color and texture. I painted the inside in a cheeky blue called sea spray. And finally, a little surprise for the inside, I painted the framed portion on the lid into a fully functional chalk board. This is literally the most perfect drinks cabinet. I want it for my own house, but it's bound for a new destination. Before and afters below!