Thursday, May 31, 2012

A new style for summer

This time of year, as the evenings get muggy and the gardens are in full bloom, I start to crave a change in styles for the decor. Something more summery, something more tropical. The decor in the downstairs has been the same since January, when I did a garden and spring flower theme. It's time for a change.
I have a couple of great original oil paintings of ships, and several good Japanese floats, plus my collection of antique blue/green/aqua bottles, and two very interesting antique wrought iron armillaries. I'm thinking the decor with revolve around these key pieces. Green and aqua jewel tones, on a background of crisp white and hints of mint of green. This all sounds good in my head- we'll see if it works in actuality. I think I'll re-do the decor on Monday, should be able to post pics by Monday evening.
Here are some inspiration pictures :)
I love the blue green color of these glass bowls

I really want to get an old industrial shelf for my dining room so I can display my growing collection of antique mixing bowls

I have two good ship portraits (not as good as this of course) that will really add to the tropical/nautical theme of the decor

I love the combination of the blue green mason jars and the antique wire basket

Ship in a bottle- get it? Very clever.

A really gorgeous antique Japanese float. This one has such a wonderful deep color

The table display really captures the look I'll be going for

This is what I' envisioning with the jewel tones on the white crisp back ground. Very refreshing I think.

I know this is a random photo- but the combination of the antique painted advertisements, the old brick, and the emerald green windows really struck me.

Simply perfection. I just love this space. 

Again from a different view. STUNNING

I think I'm going to need to get some palm fronds to put in my vases. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Vintage Pecan Dining Table Set

I picked this dining table set up a couple weeks ago. I knew it would turn out beautiful It was in great condition and just needed a new look. I painted the chairs and the table frame a black gloss and then re-did the table top is a richer warmer brown. This was a fun set to work on because it was all just cosmetic work, not a lot of maintenance required. I love the clean lines of the set, and the mid century modern style of the chairs. It would look as good in a 19th century farmhouse as in a modern city loft. It's a flexible table too- with six chairs and an internal leaf, it can go from regular to dinner party in a matter of moments. This one's for sale and up on craigslist, so just let me know if you're interested!
Befores and Afters below

I have to say, though the result is satisfying, painting windsor chairs has to be the most tedious thing in the world. And I was covered with black paint for days.

I like the way the top overhangs the frame when the leaf is open. It reminds me of antique shaker farm tables.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Decorating with vintage artwork

When I'm out tag saling and flea marketing I often see wonderful vintage and antique original oil paintings. I love the ones that are just on the canvas, they add such a casual air to a room. I have almost no reproduction art in my house. I love original pieces, even if they're naive or funky- in fact, the more so the better. Here are some great pieces, and a few from my collection too!
I love how light and airy this bedroom is. The three vintage oil paintings all compliment each other so well.

A really wonderful vignette combines a whole slew of fascinating eclectic items including two great vintage oil landscapes

I think I've shown you this vintage still life before but it's one of my favorites. I got it several years ago at an indoor flea market for $5.

I got this beautiful landscape last summer. The lady I bought it from said her father painted it in the 60s of the tree on chicken coop at the family farm. SOOOO pretty!

I got this landscape last summer. It's dated 1956. It's very naive and folky.

I painted these myself just to add a little spring color to our front porch

Another flea market oil painting that I like to bring out in the fall.

I love the oil paintings tucked into the bookshelf

Such a handsome pair of c.1830 portraits. I would love to get my hands on a pair like this. 

A collection of elegant and striking vintage portraits add whimsey to a little reading corner

Just a simple beautiful landscape on an old rustic table. 
The frame on this vintage oil painting is just fabulous. Even though the interior is fairly modern, the oil painting adds character and texture to the space. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Flea Market!

I usually have to work on Sundays, but I've taken a long weekend for the holiday, so I had today off, and was able to really spend time and enjoy the flea market. My little sister came down to visit so she came to the flea market too. There was lots of great stuff, and everyone found things they loved. I scored some really great pieces, to refinish and to keep. I brought my camera with me today so I could show you some of the great stuff I saw, even if I didn't buy it. First are the photos from the flea market, then at the bottom are the pictures of what I did buy. I hope you're all having a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend!
I thought this antique game board was pretty neat. I wanted to take it home with me, but I didn't think it would fit with my decor. I think they wanted $15 for it.

There was a guy who had a booth full of awesome signs. He was asking a fortune for them, but they were pretty spiffy.

This one was my favorite

My little sister got an awesome vintage faded flag that she's going to hang on her wall as art. $4!

We got matching sun hats because it was getting really hot out, and they were only $2 each.

My little sister really loved these heels

The baby blue canoe was so cute, but I bought a canoe I didn't really need a second one

Such a gorgeous antique stool. The turned legs were just stunning, but they wanted $30 for it, and I already have two stools at home that I really adore.

One of the other shoppers had already bought this, but I just had to take a picture- it was so neat

A cool vintage mirror with patriotic flags

Just a nice attractive vintage galvanized bucket. Imagine it with a big potted lavender? so pretty

This little handmade plant stand was super awesome. I wish I'd had a spot for it, because $12 was wicked reasonable for it.

such a sweet little antique folding child's chair

This vintage enamel rolling table caught my eye. They wanted $35 for it. Wouldn't it be lovely in a bathroom

                        **********************New Acquisitions**********************

I got this fabulous antique maple dresser that will clean up so nicely. I love the shaped bottom and the turned legs!

I've been looking for a japanese sea float like this for ages and ages. I talked the guy down from $25 to $18, which I thought was pretty good considering they sell for $75 or so on ebay. This one is about the size of a soccer ball. It's such a wonderful color. I have to figure out where to put it now!

I got this beautiful green necklace, which came with matching earrings and bracelet for $10. I love this shade of green!

This pretty vintage scarf was only $2

The first thing I bought was this pretty sea foam green antique mixing bowl. I 'm starting to get quite a collection of antique mixing bowls now.