Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Decorating with cool colors

Boy it's hot here in New England today- something like 95 degrees. It's my favorite weather- hazy, hot, and humid, but on the hottest days of the year, its nice to have a cool quiet space to retreat to, have a glass of lemonade (or chilled white wine), and relax. Here are some beautiful spaces made all the more inviting by their cool colors.
Aqua and blue are a running theme in this beachy kitchen, making it a soothing place to come back to after a long day at the shore.

A pale green and white marble give this attic bathroom a spa like feel.

A stunning porch. The woodwork looks like something out of a fairy tail. The periwinkle blue furniture adds to the casual elegance of the space.

Like sitting in the shade of a large tree- the rich green keeps the sunlight from being too harsh.

Ice blue and white painted floors make this a peaceful and relaxing space

The teal blue color carries from the oar to the couch to the antique sea chest. Though the sunlight is streaming in the window, this sitting area feels like tropical oasis.

One of my favorite scents, eucalyptus, must be so aromatic in a fresh cut bouquet like this. I can just image taking a nice little nap on that day bed.

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