Thursday, January 22, 2015

What I Want Now

The propane heater in my workshop is broken beyond repair. Last time it was a faulty fuse and my handy husband was able to fix it in a jiffy. This time it's a part that needs replacing that they don't make anymore. Ah well, very unfortunate. I've been working on furniture in my kitchen the last two days, which is not nearly as fun. I may need to start looking for a real location for Heir and Space pretty soon.

 So I'm sitting here at my kitchen island killing time and daydreaming. I haven't done a wish list in a while, and I thought it was about time.
Here's links to some I've put together in the past:

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This year, after five full years of homeownership, I'm going to take a stab at vegetable gardening. I dug the plot last fall, and planted a bunch of pumpkin seeds. I have no idea what I'm doing, so the results should be hilarious!!

When we renovated our upstairs we didn't put a bath tub in the master bathroom. We couldn't quite figure out how to arrange it, and somehow in all that we just skipped it and went for a huge shower. The shower is great, but there needs to be a tub up there. Luckily, there's a nice sized room right next to the bathroom that would be perfect as a soaking room. It's currently just accumulating junk...sooooooo.

Hopefully this year we'll finally be putting in wood floors on the porch. This industrial carpet has got to go!

Copper pots and pans. I want a whole set. I want them to be mismatched and interesting.

More vintage and antique painter's palettes. I have one which I love. I want more.

There's this little wall in the upstairs bathroom that's begging for a cute antique cupboard. This funky black and white piece is not the right size, and has overstayed its welcome.

A chartreuses throw blanket for my living room. This house is almost 100 years old. It gets chilly on winter mornings like this. I could use a nice blanket to curl up with.

Lots and lots of big cozy sweaters in pale shades of pastel. I'm not going to lie to you dear reader, my favorite place to buy sweaters is the Goodwill.

Hopefully this summer we'll be able to put a patio in behind the guesthouse/music studio.  I love the look, size, and style of this one. It would be perfect for our yard.

I never show you pictures of my downstairs bathroom because it's hideous. It's one of the few rooms we have yet to renovate. I'd like to tear out that horrible long unit, put in two pedestal sinks. repaint, do the floors in a black and white tile, swap out the sconces, and put up a pair of vintage maple chippendale mirrors that I've been saving for two years for the space.
A border collie puppy!! I grew up with border collies.
My parents have a wonderful border collie named Nell who will hopefully be having puppies this Spring. We'll get the pick of the litter.

I will always always be a sucker for vintage and antique oil landscape paintings. always. I can't resist them at all!

I also simply cannot resist antique signs. I already don't have the wall space to accommodate my collection!

And finally, I'm forever on the hunt for vintage stoneware bowls in bright colors. I need more in the pink, peach, and blue spectrum currently.

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