Thursday, March 13, 2014

What I Want Now

In just over a week I'll be fully emerged in antiques once more- a very happy thought indeed. The flea market starts and I'll be working at the Connecticut Spring Antiques Show. I like to do a little prep in advance of such exciting adventures- mostly just to organize my thoughts and ensure that I don't end up buying something silly that I don't need and don't have a place for. Here's my updated "What I want Now" list. If you're curious, you can check out my past ones here, here and here.

I'm hoping to get another vintage velvet sofa (can you tell I'm addicted?) for my workshop. I love the color and shape of this one.

We need a couple standing lights for the music studio/guest house. These are spot one- just what I want. 
I really should snatch up some fun spring dresses like this one to freshen the old wardrobe up a bit.

We also need four or five rugs for the guest house. I want to do all vintage Oriental rugs like this one. 

The coziest most perfectly slouched sweater in a soft heathered mint. effortlessly chic.

Every year I pine for large pickling jars like these at Brimfield. I'm determined to buy a few in May.  

I want a nice little shelving unit like this for my towels and such in the upstairs bathroom.

I've also been admiring all the antique French drying racks on the market these days. Will definitely need to score one for my pantry.

I do not in anyway live a lifestyle where I would ever need a blue sparkly mini skirt. But oh how I want this in my closet ASAP
I'll need a pair of vintage velvet chairs to go with my antique velvet sofa. There's actually a pair at the local indoor flea market that I'm hoping to snag this weekend if they're still there. 
I really want to get a light colored leather jacket for my spring wardrobe. I'm thinking either pale pink like this one or a soft dove gray. 
I'm really going to need some wellies this year. They'd be so adorable for stomping around the flea market. These red ones are ultra cool.

I'll hopefully be replacing the light fixtures in the garage-which is being converted into my workshop. The current ones aren't the right style and don't put off enough light. I've always wanted Morovian star lights. 

I showed you this watercolor yesterday. It's up for sale at the upcoming Eldred's auction. I can't get it out of my head.

And finally, also for my spring wardrobe I want to get a handsome pair of gray boots. I haven't had a good pair of gray boots in ages.

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