Friday, November 8, 2013

My 2014 Wishlist

I always have a little list running in the back of my mind of things I'd like to add to my collection etc.
Here's what I want in 2014.
1. A large Swedish style arched top gilt mirror.

This one is exactly what I want. I love the richness of the color of the gold, especially paired with the muted creams of the chairs and chest.
2. A pair of gold frame upholstered chairs
This pair is absolutely spectacular. I really need to learn how to upholster.
3. A Crewel work bedspread for the master bedroom.
This style was popular in the second half of the 18th century. Time consuming to make, but absolutely breathtaking when completed, these spreads served then and today as a testament to the maker's skill and patience. Luckily, my mother just happens to be an exceedingly skilled needleworker, and she's making us one of these as we speak!
4. An Antique Shop Counter
This one is a great example. I want to put one in my workshop for storage, display, and just to admire. I'm almost certain I'll end up buying one next summer at Brimfield.
5. A Marble Bust
There's something so elegant and mysterious about a graceful marble bust. This one, Diana, is particularly lovely. 
6. An Antique Painted Screen
This is a stunning example. I love the detail and classically influenced design elements. I'm not even sure where I would put one if I got it, maybe in the master bedroom, but I know I just have to have one!
7. A few small and sweet oil landscapes in gilt frames.
These little impressionist landscapes are like jewelry for your walls. They're small and subtle, but add just the right hint of sparkle to a space. 
8. An antique hanging lantern (or two)
This is such a gorgeous pair. I want to hang them in my kitchen, so they can reflect light and add some dimension to the space. 
9. A Venetian Mirror
The final word in elegance and glamour, these mirrors are so unique and so beautiful. Also, note the gorgeous painted screen in this stunning bathroom.
10. A Fancy Schmany Decanter Set
I'm a brandy girl myself. I'd love to have a nice set like this in our guest house. 

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