Thursday, January 8, 2015

Salvation Army to French Provincial

     I love a good thrift store. You never ever know what you'll find buried amongst the used luggage and stone washed mom jeans from 1998. When I was out antiquing last week I swung by the 
Salvation Army over near Putnam, CT, just on the off chance they had some fun furniture. I struck gold with this gorgeous vintage cherry sideboard. Once refinished, it had hands down one of the prettiest tops I've ever seen. You can always tell I'm in love with a top when I don't stain it, and just seal it. 
This is the cherry without anything but poly on it. In a way it reminds me of agate or malachite with all those earthy swirling forms. I did this piece custom for an awesome client who lives in a stunning home and has impeccable taste (my kind of gal!). She went with a beautiful green just a shade zippier than sage. I love the color so much I'm going to paint my barstools in my kitchen in it. 

      The piece has a definite French Provincial feel to it, which I further embraced with a liberal amount of distressing and dark wax. The drawer pulls are original and in their original patina. 

love how the antique sign is reflected in the glossy top in this shot :-)

And here it is in it's beautiful new home!

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  1. You're right. That top is amazing. I have one of these that is very similar. I just may have to sand that top down to see what I get! Beautiful transform!

  2. What a gorgeous find! I love the sage green with the cherry wood top! Is this at home in your home or was it sold?

  3. Love the natural wood top and the great green-beautiful!

  4. The wood grain on the top is just beautiful! Great it and the sign!

  5. Love this, what color green is this?

  6. Wood tops on painted pieces are so attractive.!

  7. WOW, great find. Love the color. Great transformation.
    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup