Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Mid Century Modern Cabinet in Teal

        I hemmed and hawed over this poor forlorn cabinet. I spotted it out on the porch of an antiques shop in Eastern CT last week, definitely worse for wear. I loved the lines and size- it's such a practical-put anywhere- sort of piece, but I was worried about the condition. Structurally it was solid as a rock, but the finish was dreadful, and I feared no refinishing could save it. Finally, it's got a bit of an industrial tilt, which is not a direction I typically go- the interior of the drawer and the backboard, are metal, which might explain why it's so strong even after who knows how many years of porch purgatory.
          In the end, the gorgeous brass drawer pulls (so sexy!) and the price, $15?! won me over. I'm glad I took a risk on it, too. Of all the projects I'm going to show you today, this is actually my favorite. I haven't decided if I want to sell it yet, or put it up in my master bathroom, where I've got a dandy spot for something like this. It doesn't quite suit the french cottage style of my house, though, so if one of you wants it for your home, I'll happily part with it.

I polished the brasses. I love polishing brass, lol. 

The gorgeous painting above is by local artist Susan Williams, who's work is all over my house.
It's also for sale, if you're interested.

The decanter set was a find from last year's flea market. 

I sanded the drawer front and the top, stained in English chestnut, and sealed. It's mahogany, with a lovely rich color that pops so perfectly against the distressed and waxed teal.

The interior was in flawless condition already, so I didn't need to do anything to it. I purposely matched the stain on the top and drawer to match the solid mahogany shelves. I've tricked it out as a drinks cupboard for the photo shoot, but it would be great in an office, as a nightstand, in a hallway, or in a bathroom too!

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