Thursday, January 15, 2015

Antique Mahogany and Bright Mint Green

I bought this beautiful antique chest and mirror at auction on Tuesday morning. I was relatively luke warm on it at first, but it went for a fair price so I thought, "Eh, what the hell"
     When I got it home I was already getting a bit excited about it, but it hadn't really won me over yet. It was covered in a deep dark grungy finish that fully obscured the wood. I like to have a little wood on every piece I do, but I'd resigned myself to painting the entire thing. At the last minute I though "Eh, what the hell" and tried sanding the top, just to see what was underneath. WHOA. Glad I did, it's the best piece of mahogany veneer I've ever seen. LOOK AT THAT WOOD GRAIN. Sorry to shout, I get excited about this sort of thing.
      I was so fired up about the amazing top I'd just discovered, I decided to paint it a fairly bold color of teal. I don't do a lot of really bright colors but it felt so incredibly right for this piece and I thought, "Eh, what the hell". I posted just the teensiest sneak peek at this piece this afternoon and I'm absolutely overwhelmed by the positive reception. I love this dresser, so glad you all love it too. Now she needs a forever home.
       On a side note, the dresser retains the original maker's label. It was made by the Warren Table Company of Warren, PA. The company was in business for the last decade of the 19th century, and closed its doors just before WWII. This piece was made in Warren, then shipped to a furniture store in Fairfield, CT, where it was then sold to its first owner. I'd guess it dates to about 1915. It's mahogany, mahogany veneer, and tulip poplar.

Yes, I'm in this one. Sorry.

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  1. That is beautiful and perfect color to!

  2. Ohhhh. I had one that was similar, and I let it go with a little cottage that we had sold. The cottage was on the Allegheny River in Warren PA. I kick myself all the time. Now I'm looking for another. What a beautiful job you did. It's beautiful.

  3. I like to look at the furniture in the old movies which I usually watch. There are a lot of them with these kind of mirror frills in 1930's movies. Please, share with us about distressing. thank you.