Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Antiquing in Putnam

I like to consider my little antiquing jaunts as fieldwork. That totally counts, right?
I haven't shared these pictures with you yet because I'm tragically forgetful, apologies. Two weeks ago I went up to Putnam, Connecticut to do a bit of antiquing. It's an itch that needs regular scratching, and in the winter, By God, that's hard to do. In the summer, every single week there's either tagsales or the flea market. I'm basically buried in antiquing opportunities. In the winter though, all the things I love are dead. Too cold to run outside, my garden is buried under snow, I can't paint outside with the sun on my back, when I try to go hiking I fall and hurt myself, and there's absolutely no flea markets or tagsales. Poor Kate. POOOOOR KATE.
       So anyway, this little trip was a pleasant escape. I take rt. 66 almost the entire way, and there's a couple nice little shops along it as well. The main event is a big group shop in an old factory. The big shop is a wonderful mix of high end and... stuff I can afford. Here's what I admired:
And of course, apologies for the quality of the pictures- snapped with an iPhone.

Beautiful woodland scene

Impressionist autumn landscape

mid 19th century pieced and tied quilt

late 18th and early 19th century papers from the Avery and Tracy families of Norwich, CT

I want to fill my entire kitchen in antique copper.

look how elegant that is!!

My favorite thing I spotted and didn't buy. Love this cheeky bastard. Argh, I wish I'd bought him!

Beautiful mid 20th century vase. Would be so pretty spilling over with orange tulips.

Loved this vintage mirror. Wouldn't suit the style of my house, but I know several of you who should really have this in your cool, funky homes!

Made me think of my little sister, who's working on collecting an entire wall of floral still lifes.

$3.00 for this cute little scale is a bargain!

I love a good folding screen.

A particularly handsome antique office chair.

Sweet set of graduated bowls. I have two of these, but not a full set.

How neat is this vintage skateboard!

Such a wonderful antique table.

Another lovely vase.

clearly I needed these for my kitchen.

When I spotted my Aphrodite painting it was hidden behind three other paintings and on its side.

So many bright and cheerful colors on this vase.


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