Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ethan Allen in Midnight Blue

I try not to talk too much about price on the blog, or compare with other bloggers or furniture dealers. I honestly don't pay much attention to the other prices. I work really really hard to find good furniture for cheap enough that it can be available to all of you readers. By the way, I'm keeping excellent records of every single one of you that says "When I win the lottery, I'm buying all your furniture". ;-)

Today however, before writing this, I quickly took a peek at the Ethan Allen website, just wondering what a comparable piece of their furniture sells for today. Well, here's a piece that's slightly smaller, and not painted a pretty color. Form-wise though, quite similar. I bought this vintage Ethan Allen solid rock maple chest at auction, with buyer's premium, it was $35. It will be $395 to purchase from Heir and Space. Just...mull that over a bit, I guess.

SO I painted this gorgeous piece in a stormy blue with an undertone of gray. I swapped out the boring Chippendale brass pulls for a matched set of burnished nickel knobs and pulls. It's lightly distressed, and finished with a dark wax. It's in flawless condition. 100% rock maple, and built like a tank.


  1. I absolutely love this piece! Wish I wasn't on the opposite side of the country from you or it would have a new home today!

  2. thank you for the inside price scoop. you certainly put in a lot of time and work into your pieces. I thought you were going to share with us, how much Ethan Ellen is charging for a similar piece.