Sunday, January 18, 2015

Win this Antique Dresser- Custom Refinished!

It's a terribly dreary day here in Connecticut. How about a beautiful antique dresser giveaway to brighten things up! I had originally intended to give this away when Heir and Space hit 500 likes on Facebook. We're about to hit 1000 as I type this, so perhaps we're celebrating that milestone as well.

Here's the big prize-

It's a solid pine antique four drawer cottage style dresser. It was almost certainly made in New England. I bought it from a lovely old gentleman at the flea market two summers ago. According to him, it came from a large 18th century farm house in Eastern Connecticut. 
Measurements are: 35.5 inches tall, 39 inches wide, 16 inches deep.

Here's what you need to know about it- it's structurally very sturdy and strong. 
All the drawers work well, the surface and knobs are original.

For the winner- I will paint this any color you want. I can sand, stain, and seal the top, or paint it, or add a pine board top. I can swap out the drawer pulls or keep them the same. 


1. I cannot ship or deliver this.


3. If you enter, and you live in say, California, you're going to have to figure out shipping yourself. You're still welcome to enter, but shipping's on you, buddy. :-)

4. Please be reasonable and nice about this. 
No, I won't cover the entire dresser in gold leaf or something.

5. Tell your friends about Heir and Space. You're not required to in order to enter, but I would consider it a personal favor!

6. Prize is as is, non refundable, non exchangeable. 

7.The contest runs for one week and ends next Sunday. If you tweet about it, you can enter once a day. That's kind of cool, right? 

8. The winner is randomly selected by this fancy schmancy third party host, so you can try to bribe me, but it won't get you very far.

9. I'll announce the winner next Monday, January 26th 2015, at 9am. 

10. It just seemed like there should be ten rules. It's a nice even number. How's everyone's day going?  


I know there was a little confusion yesterday. I had my husband try to enter so I could see where we might be going astray- and yes, the poor dear didn't do it correctly either.

Step 1. LOG IN. You can either use your Facebook account or your email to do this.

Step 2. Once you're logged in you have two choices. 'Tweet about this giveaway' and 'Visit Heir and Space on Facebook'. You MUST click one of these two buttons to enter. You're not entered until you click one of these buttons. You can tweet once a day- meaning multiple entries for you. If you don't have twitter, you can still enter- just click the button that says 'Visit Heir and Space on Facebook' and then the blue button that says 'Visit Us'. You'll know you did it right if you're redirected to the Heir and Space Facebook page. 

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