Thursday, January 22, 2015

An Antique Cedar Chest in Nicole's Yellow

Did you know I'll custom mix you your very own paint color and then you can name it anything you want? I just love custom mixing paint! I hardly ever use colors straight from the chip, though sometimes that's fun too! This antique mahogany and mahogany veneer Lane cedar chest got a fresh dose of style with a warm yellow leaning just a bit towards wheat. I did it custom for a client. The piece was not without its issues, specifically a top that put me through my veneer removing paces. You can check out this post I did last week to see the step by step on it. Underneath the tired mahogany veneer was absolutely gorgeous tulip poplar, which I sanded, stained, and sealed. I lightly distressed the case, and finished the paint with a dark wax. It's all set for its new home!

Before and After

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  1. I love old trunks and this colour is my absolute favourite! You did a beautiful job on this, thanks for sharing. Pinning!