Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Temple Stuart Sideboard in Pale Green

The tricky thing about refinishing antique furniture is that each piece is unique and singular. Don't get me wrong, that's also the best part. It's tricky because when more than one client has their heart set on a piece, in the end it can only go to one home...unless you guys set up some weirdo furniture time share situation, which would be fantastically hilarious.

     I digress, I had another maple sideboard that a client pined for, but didn't manage to snag in time. But Ye Gods of Furniture looked kindly upon her, and within twenty four hours, my main furniture man Carl had scored another nearly identical one for me at auction. This actually worked out even better because now the client could customize the piece precisely to her own taste. We went with a pale sage throughout with a dark top. The entire piece is solid maple, so it was dandy fun to work on. I delivered it last night, and it's already snug and sound in its new home :-)

1 comment:

  1. I love this piece, the colors and the oval hardware. I see you use it frequently, and you are right, because it is stunning.