Friday, January 2, 2015

New Acquisitions

There are no flea markets now. We're in the doldrums of the antiquing season. It's brutally bitter here in Connecticut, the dreary, monotonous weather that drags on from January to April,  robbing the world of joy, and instead coating it in ice. I hate winter.
       To battle that cold induced misery I have to seek out liberal amounts of retail therapy. It's surely the only way I'll survive til spring. This week I went out antiquing on Tuesday, and then hit up a consignment shop on Friday with my friend Sara.

       Here's what I got:

First, my favorite find, a classical painting on silk of Aphrodite. It's all hand done, and I'd guess dates to the last quarter of the 19th century. 

I love all the color and detail. And Aphrodite is so immensely delightfully sassy. 

I picked up this vintage scarf because I couldn't resist the charming tropical birds.

Not particularly exciting, but this pair of cut glass shades are for a pair of vintage lamps I got last month that had ugly peach colored shades.

I finally got a blue mixing bowl to add to my collection. It's tiny, maybe four inches in diameter, but the most delicious saturated shade of cornflower. 

I had to have this pair of antique ironstone storage jars which have wonderful script of sage and and sugar.

I snagged this set of four vintage glasses today at the consignment shop. They're my favorite aqua color, and I didn't have any in this shape!

I also picked up this adorable green cream and sugar set at the consignment shop today.

They match my other fiesta ware mugs perfectly!

On Tuesday I got this stunning vintage cherry dresser. It's already sanded (wait til you see the top on this one!) and I'm painting it a pale blue.

I got this vintage mid century modern cabinet at an antique shop on Tuesday as well. I'm painting it a sea foam green with mahogany accents and plan to put it in our upstairs bathroom for a little extra storage.


  1. Anonymous1/03/2015

    "Spring is just a crocus flower away, Kate."

  2. Anonymous1/03/2015

    "Spring is but a Crocus flower away, Kate."

    1. Thank you anonymous. That's a very nice thing to say, and you're right, of course.

  3. Thanks Kate,
    Greetings from Maine! You're so right about the winter doldrums! I sometimes think my husband and I are the only ones crazy enough to brave the cold and sand furniture out in the driveway at 34 degrees! In fact I have coerced him into making me 2 4' long rustic floating shelves for over our couch (another place to display my stash). Your site is sooo refreshing! I enjoy it so much and can relate to all you do....kindred spirits and all that. Thanks so much for putting so much time and effort into your blogs. They are very much appreciated!

    1. Hi Deb- from one freezing furniture refinisher to another -ROCK ON-. Also, OMG how cold is it today!!! But I'm cozy on my couch pretending I don't have to go out to the workshop and build things. Happy New Year!

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