Monday, January 5, 2015

Painting, but not Furniture

       When I worked at Liverant Antiques and refinished furniture, I had no free time. I worked forty hours a week at the shop, came home every night and worked three or four more on furniture. It was fine, I was happy, if a little tired, and certainly exhilarated.  Now that I'm refinishing furniture full time and running my own business, I have a bit more free time. I didn't really realize I had more free time until I started to notice that I was keeping my house cleaner, and starting back into hobbies I hadn't touched in years (namely reading, and painting). I've been painting since I was a little girl, I'm so-so at it, but oh I love to do it. Now that I've got my house all set for spring, I decided to hang a few of my most recent works around the house, as they're colorful, and why not.

         So I was kind of toying with the idea of selling a few of my paintings on Heir and Space. Don't laugh at me. If they're awful, just don't respond, but if you're at all interested in that, let me know, and I'll add a tab for them. 

        What will be happening  no matter if you like it or not (you will) is that in about a week I will be selling vintage and antique smalls including paintings and decorative objects on Heir and Space. I've got too many and it's time to thin out the collection a bit. I will ship internationally, and I accept paypal. We're gonna have loads of shopping fun in 2015!!


  1. Your paintings are lovely! You should most definitely put them up for sale!!

  2. Kate:

    They are just beautiful. You are so, so, so talented!