Monday, January 19, 2015

Peachy Keen

Since I'm using the antique dresser that was on the enclosed porch for our custom antique dresser giveaway- I had a spot to fill in my house. Yay!! I love an excuse to snatch a piece from my inventory for my own purposes. I picked this 19th century pine chest up at auction last week. I had considered using it for the giveaway, but it was a little rough and tumble, and I know rustic chic is not everyone's bag.
        I've been wanting to paint something peach for a while. It's such a fresh, pleasant color. I find myself fully obsessing over mint, peach, pale lilac, and powder blue this time of year. I'm actually painting a giant hutch in the palest most delicious shade of mint right now.

        The refinish on this project was fairly straight forward. There was a foot facing that needed to be re-attached (luckily some thoughtful person had stored it in the drawer when it fell off). I sanded the top, stained it a very pale mix of American Oak, to really let all the beautiful age and wear show through, and sealed it. I custom mixed the peach color. Years ago when we were out antiquing, my little sister found a vintage sweater in this color. If I recall correctly, it was covered in opalescent sequins. I coveted that cardigan, but I could never wear it like she does. She's so effortlessly chic. So instead, I painted a dresser in honor of it. The color is called "Erin's Cardigan".

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  1. Beautiful color!
    It's creative color name makes it special too.