Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Color Crush: Stormy Gray

Gray is having a moment, isn't it? I've never before had so many requests for custom work in gray tones, and the gray pieces I do for craigslist fly off the shelves, so to speak. This is fine with me, I love gray. If and when I get a second home (a gal can dream!) it's going to be a big mid 19th century affair with a mansard roof, 10ft ceilings, lots of molding, and a front porch. I intend to decorate the entire thing in neutral hues all centering on a gray theme.

        It's raining cats and dogs outside for the second day in a row. I have some really fun projects to finish up, and I'll be photographing them tomorrow for you. In the mean time, I'm going to pour a second cup of coffee, listen to the rain fall outside, and spend some pleasant moments musing over all the beautiful hues of gray.

Want more Gray? This pinterest board is knock-your-socks off fabulous!

Queen Anne chairs look beautiful in every color- but in this pretty shade of soft gray they are especially enchanting!

A wonderfully cozy stack of gray knit throws

Tone on tone on tone in gray and cream, with a beautiful ironstone collection featured. 

Gray with a hint of teal, very pretty and unique- I must try this color on something soon.

A gorgeous rustic dining table. I love how the gray paint is glossy to play off the ultra rustic cut board tabletop.

What a wonderful kitchen, makes me want to paint my cabinets gray!

An absolutely spectacular living room. Those armchairs are superb.
The crooked coffee table would drive me crazy, though.
Can you image trying to put a glass of wine down on it without spilling!

Another beautiful peaceful sitting room. 

A perfectly distressed antique settee. I also love the shade of the floors. 

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  1. Beautiful shades of gray. I especially like the last pic. The settee, the old mirror and the gray floor seem to blend together in century of their own.