Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Classic Gray Kitchen Island

I'll be the first to admit, my job is pretty terrific. My favorite part is meeting all the wonderful people. On Sunday I met an awesome gal named Jill, who knew how to properly move furniture (rock on, sister) and was clearly kindred spirit. She sold me two knock your socks off antique dressers. Well, they knocked my socks off. I suppose for most people they were just old mahogany veneer dressers, c.1930, with drawers that didn't really work. Which, of course, makes them the most perfect candidates to be made into kitchen islands.

         Last week I did a post on brass accents and decided I'd really love to do a piece of furniture inspired by this bit of gorgeous cabinetry:

So with that in mind, I attacked island #1, which features an unbelievable scrolled and pierced apron. When I started working on it, I found some treasures that made the refinishing process so much more personal. I removed the drawers and found a nice bit of early hand made lace, a postcard, a marble. and some math homework. I had already surmised that the original owner was a crafty sewing gal, as I also purchased a beautiful Queen Anne style mahogany sewing cabinet, complete with buckets of old thread, needles, zippers and notions, from the estate. But to find a sample of the lady's own work (I'll admit) made me teary eyed. The marble and lace will go with the island when it's sold.

I do hope, wherever she is, she's pleased with the look of her dresser. I try so hard to do justice to these pieces, and though I modify them, to honor their character and history. 

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