Thursday, October 30, 2014

An Antique Empire Card Table

My favorite furniture guy found this stunning antique mahogany and mahogany veneer empire table for me. He thought it was my kind of thing. I only keep my very very favorite pieces for myself, so I guess he was right. I'll be putting this looker in my dining room when I swap my decor over to Christmas. I think I'll probably keep it there at least through summer, as it will transition nicely from winter to spring. The lines remind me of a tulip, and I'm already planning on putting a vase of red tulips on it come March. Originally the top would have opened up, but only one of the two leaves was presentable, so I stacked them, reattached them, and made it a single chunky top. The top is solid mahogany, and just look at the breathtaking wood grain! I painted it a soft green that I custom mixed, distressed it to accent the curves, and finished it with dark wax. There's a complimentary sewing table that I'll be putting in my family room that I'll show you tomorrow, too.


  1. I looooove this piece...I always look for "different" or "unusual." And mahogany? Oh my! Stunning. This is a piece I would certainly keep!

  2. It's gorgeous! I love that shade of green. BTW, I found you by way of MMS Furniture Feature Friday.