Monday, September 29, 2014

One Chair, Four Looks

A few weeks ago I did something I haven't done before- I bought one style of chair in bulk. It happened by chance. I saw a set of four vintage Shelby Williams bentwood bistro chairs on craigslist and decided they would be incredibly chic when painted. When I went to pick up the four, the gentleman told me that he actually had 21, if I was interested in more...the price was right, so I bought them all. It's been fun to see how different paint and upholstery can completely change the feel of a chair. I redid four for our music studio, four for my little sister's new apartment, six to go with a round oak dining table and six to go with an antique rectangular table. Which is your favorite set?

So here's the before 

And all the afters!

The set of four for Erin's new apartment.
In a custom mixed shade of sea foam green with cheeky fairy tale toile upholstery.

A sophisticated set of six in satin black paint with cream upholstery

A modern cottage set of six in cream chalk paint with blue and white ticking seats

And a bold set of four in merlot red, distressed and dark waxed, with striped upholstery for the music studio. 


  1. Love them all! Maybe the red or the yellow are the very best? It sure changes their presentation to do that.

  2. Lovely! I like them all.
    Have you thought about doing some in grey? For some reason I am finding calming grey decor on Pinterest.

  3. So gorgeous! I think the red ones are my fave with yellow a close second. What a lot of hard work. It sure paid off!

  4. Paulie B10/01/2014

    All are fabulous! For me the sea foam green is to die for. The cream color is a close second. Really enjoy all your creations.