Saturday, October 11, 2014

An Antique Dresser Turned Kitchen Island

This antique mahogany dresser was once in my bedroom when I was little. After I went away to college it got stowed deep in the barn and fell into disrepair. When I went home to visit my family last weekend, my mom mentioned that I was welcome to take it, though she doubted it could be saved. I love a challenge, though, and I thought this piece had some life left in it yet.

         First I gave the entire dresser a bath-bleach, soap etc. Then I removed the two big drawers as I knew I would be turning it into an island. One of the drawers was so swollen that I had to break it apart inside the case and remove it in pieces. I was actually able to salvage the antique pulls from the drawers, and used them on this Swedish inspired armoire earlier this week. Next I removed the peeling veneer from the side panels, and fully removed the warped backboard. I replaced the backboard with pine boards cut to size, then trimmed the back to make it pretty. I sanded the whole thing down, painted it in my favorite red (Merlot by Benjamin Moore), lightly distressed it, and then finished it with a dark paste wax. I swapped the drawer pulls out for classic turned wood knobs and painted the insides in a pale gray for a little pop of contrasting color. I added pine shelves and a pine top which I sanded, stained in English Chestnut, and sealed. There's a slight overhang on the reverse to accommodate bar stools. It's actually one of my favorite islands I've done to date. I hope it finds a good home :-)


  1. Amazing ! Love the stained top & shelves.

  2. This turned out great! Wonderful transformation! Found you on The Dedicated House link up =)