Saturday, October 11, 2014

An Antique Oak Kitchen Island

       I picked up this fabulous antique oak dresser when I was out antiquing with my folks last weekend. The price was right and the piece was immaculate. I really really wanted to keep it for myself, but there isn't a single open spot in my house. Plus, I knew the paneled back would make this suuuch a perfect candidate to be a nice petite kitchen island. I removed the bottom two drawers, which I felt some guilt about because they worked fine, but the front of the bottom drawer had warped slightly, and would never again sit straight in its casing. I painted the entire piece in a nice soft dove gray with a hint of blue to it. I distressed it slightly to let the early cream paint peek through then finished it with a clear wax. I added the pine top and shelves, stained in golden oak, and sealed. Finally, I swapped out the drawer pulls for an antique pair of brass cove pulls I'd set aside for the right island.
      I thought I'd stage it to show off my ever growing collection of 20th century green pottery bowls. I think the pale green looks super nice against that gray.




  1. Lindsay McNamara10/15/2014

    Is this Island still for sale? If So how much..? We bought a mahogany dining table from you last year that we love

    1. Hi Lindsey- It's great to hear from you and I'm glad you're enjoying the table. The island is still available. Here's a link to the CL listing with price, measurements etc.