Sunday, October 19, 2014

Vanity is a Good Thing

I put on makeup to go outside and paint furniture. By the end of the day I'm covered from head to toe in sawdust, polyurethane, and paint splatters. The makeup is pointless, but eh, I'm a little vain, and that's ok. Have I beaten this play on words to death yet?
       Ok so, I picked up this antique vanity last weekend at the flea market. It's been done for a couple days, but the weather yesterday was just too nuts to take it out for photographs. I sanded the entire piece and then painted it a cheerful yellow, distressed, and finished with a dark paste wax. The drawer pulls are original, as is the beautiful antique mirror glass, and it's even got the original label on the back!

Did not realize until I uploaded these that I was in this shot. I knew my husband was, though. He thinks it's hilarious to jump into my photos. Here he's eating a sandwich....


  1. Beautiful transformation - love the yellow!
    Saw it on Make It Pretty Monday - I'm # 84.