Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Vintage Pine Dining Set

This was one of those perfect instances when I was able to unite two pieces that did not start life together, but truly were meant to be paired. I picked up this lovely vintage solid pine dining table with four matching chairs at a tagsale a couple weeks ago. The table is readily big enough to accommodate more than the four chairs, so I was searching around to find two more complimentary chairs to add to the set. I happened across this vintage handmade pine bench at the flea market on Sunday and knew it belonged with the set. I sanded the table and bench tops, stained, and sealed them. I painted the table base and chairs in a cheerful red to compliment the rustic farmhouse charm of the form. I didn't snap a 'before' of the table set, but I did get one of the bench.

Bench before

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