Thursday, August 16, 2012

Two new sets of chairs

Phew! today was a busy day. I picked up a set of six chairs on one side of the state before work, and another set of four on the other side of the state after work. And then I came home and worked on some new projects. The chair sets are a God-send since I've got four gorgeous dining tables that have been just waiting for the right chairs. The set of six is solid oak c.1930, and stunning- love them! The set of four are vintage solid pine and super cute. I realized when I got home that I have two more vintage chairs that match the pine ones, so now I have a set of six of those too! There should be some serious dining set action in the next two weeks (as in at least four dining sets will be available) so if you've been waiting for one, the time has come!
The pictures of the two chair sets are below, as well as a picture of my cat Oliver curled up in a box, cause, you know, cats rock.
Good night!

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