Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Exposed beams in the bedroom

Our upstairs project is moving forward slowly but steadily. Daydreaming about what it will look like upon completion helps to get me through the less-than-awesomeness of sleeping in a work zone.
Our second floor has beautiful 14 foot ceilings, with exposed rafters running across. In the rest of the upstairs we're doing a traditional 8ft ceiling, but in the master bedroom we're letting those ceilings soar all the way to the peak, and leaving the beams exposed. The peaked ceiling with be finished in white bead board, the rafters will be left in their current beautiful 100 year old patina. It should be very rustic, very cottage. I was admiring other images of exposed beams in the bedroom. If I had my way, I'd have exposed beams in every inch of the house, but that's not really possibly in this house...but when we build my workshop= exposed beams galore!
Enjoy the pretty pictures!

I'll have some before or after pictures of furniture projects in the next couple days, but here's a list of what I'm working on currently:
Our bathroom vanity
A coffee table set custom for a client
A dining set custom for a friend
An antique butcher block kitchen island
A desk custom for a client
An antique sideboard turned kitchen island
An antique maple sideboard
I've gotten a lot of new (antique) stuff in the last few weeks. Don't forget to check out the "inventory" tab on the blog to see items I can custom refinish for you!
Cottage-y and relaxed. I love the pair of twin beds and the fall color palette here.

All dressed up for the holidays, this bedroom is warm and cozy

This is just a teensy bit small than our guest room will be, but the dimensions and layout are very similar.

The dark wood beams stand out so nicely from the white paneled walls, this is what I'm hoping our room will look like.

Simple and adorable, this sleeping loft has all the charm one could want!

Like sleeping in a castle, with unbelievably massive beams to boot. I feel like I would spend the whole night worrying that one of those huge things will fall on me though!

The beams, windows, bed, and night stands are all lovely, but I could without all the frou frou textiles.

peaceful, simple, and elegant. This room is perfection. 

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  1. hello Kate!

    I've just discovered your blog via your craigslist ad for the mid-century dinign set, and I am writing to thank you for these photos. We are renovating a cottage, due to a pipe break last winter, ugh. We're trying to figure out how to re-incorporate beadboard or wooden plank walls, maybe raise the beams and eliminate the attic. These photos give me a MUCH better ideea of what it might look like finished. All my thanks!